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    Are you interested in a exciting career working as an ....

    merchant Adventurer
      Are you interested in a exciting career working as an independed contractor selling merchant services.

      We offer you the opportunity to earn over $250,000 a year in residual income.
      When you work for others, they determine your salary, your hours, and often, your career path. But when you run your own agency with MSIQ, there's no limit to your financial and personal success.

      Your potential is driven by your goals and determination. If you choose to work as little as 20 hours a week, you'll probably earn more than from a "regular" part-time job. If you work full-time and build a team, you will profit from your team members' success. In addition to this incremental earning potential, you'll be helping other people transform and take charge of their lives.

      You could also join the elite team of Leadership Representatives, some of whom earn six figure incomes, win luxury vacation packages and enjoy company acclaim.

      With MSIQ, you can make your dreams a reality.

      Thank you, from all of us at MSIQ! Please call Nasser Nouri at 310-430-3986 for interview