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    Start up clinic

    PTdirector Newbie
      I am looking to startup a PT practice soon, I will be leaving an LLP to venture out on my own. I will need around 120k to cover startup and costs until AR starts coming in. Where should I start? I have got a business plan (at least the numbers part) mostly done. Is a bank the best routes in this new economy or should I look somewhere else.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Start up clinic, Welcome

          Who are you?? Where are you?? Go to Members page and share some info.

          How soon do you plan on starting this practice

          If you are looking for a partner (like myself) I would like to read YOUR Business Plan first.

          Talk to me, LUCKIEST



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            phanio Pioneer
            I would suggest you try many options (with the bank being one) - this way you have a lot of information to determine which is best for you. It is like shopping for a car - you don't just walk onto the lot and buy the first thing you see - you shop around - finding a lender (a good lender) requires shopping.

            Plus, depending on your credit, collateral and income - you might not be able to find a single loan to cover your needs. You might have to find a couple of lenders and cobble the funding you need. Or, you could start on a small scale - say look for half the funds you need now - then as your a/r picks up - use those financial assets to get more funding as you grow.

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