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    Starting a property management business... suggestions ?

    abhyler Newbie
      I want to start a property management business...We already manage 7 properties...(of our own) and would like to start managing other people's properties to increase income. We do have the experience...but I don't know how to market this new business and attrack clients! Any suggestions?
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          MoveForward Scout

          Think out-of-the box and make it unique! Have you considered also becoming a property management company for Neighborhoods. My company is contacted from time to time by two seperate property managment companies who will ask us to create a subdivision yard sale, holiday neighborhood party,
          or other (depending on their marketing strategy). I have never understood why they do not keep us on retainer to create events for the neighborhood communities they manage, this would be a bonus for them. You may want want to consider networking with an Event Management Co. and focus on Property Management for Neighborhoods and/or small shopping centers.

          Don't "attack" potiental clients or right from the start they will block you out. Make your company the one to come to and if they are lucky enough the one you work with! We have an awesome Real Estate Agent here who now has a team of 10 who works with him. His name is used on all the For Sale Signs, by him having a team the public has no idea they are the ones behind all his sales, signs and sponsorships
          (and as we have both talked about when you perfect your business it can be boring for the owner, because your team has it all under control and you look good). A homeowner only hopes when he looks at their home he will agree to list it (it has a status to having his sign in your yard!). The one thing he has done to make him stand out is have a Sunday insert in the newspaper, this is a info. for homeowners. From how to lower gas bills (article from the Gas Co.) to how to hang wallpaper (article by Lowes), this is also filled with mortage tips (Bank article) and Moving information (Moving Co.), also people write in with "Ask an Expert"
          questions. Within this is his listings. He grosses $9,000 a week by doing this, how....the articles are paid by the company writting the article, ads relating to homes is placed in a fun way within the insert and his ads are cost-covered. Now he jumps out as an agent making him unique.

          You can do the same.


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            GhostRider103 Wayfarer
            A good way of getting yourself new clients is by using the internet. Which of course means you will need to get a website.

            You'll need to find yourself a good web designer to help get you up and rolling. Check out or PM me personally.

            Good luck!
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Starting a property management business, Welcome

              I am a SCORE Counselor and spend a lot of time writting about SCORE.
              SCORE is FREE and can help both in person and online.
              SCORE suggests developing both a business and marketing plan. The plan serves as a road map to you as you reaffirm the viability of your ideas.
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                phanio Pioneer
                Network with other property groups or owners. Get out in your community and network - letting people know who you are and what you are doing. Get out and knock on doors. Be proactive.

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                  mychaelt Newbie

                  We try to circle all our business ideas and passions around government programs. Our nonprofit company use our profit company facilities in which our non profit pays the bills. Went to a class a few yrs back , see can she help you