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    Freelance Artist, how to start business?

    mythrilwolf Newbie
      I am an artist who wants to do commissions online. I just want to make money, but I dont want to get in trouble with the IRS when it comes to taxes.

      I wanted to use paypal to accept online payments and connect paypal to a checking account so I can access the money immediately.

      I want a seperate account from my personal accounts, to keep the money I
      make from work seperate from the money I use for personal things like
      food, bills, etc. I would put the tax money in the business account (and money for business expenses) and
      then transfer my "pay" as it were into my personal bank account. Do I
      NEED a business account specifically? I really dont want to have to apply for one
      especially since this is only a piece of my income. Im not setting up a
      business name, dba, llc, corp, whatever. I just want to freelance to
      earn some extra cash.

      Do I NEED a business account, or would setting up a personal checking account for the money I earn on the side be alright?
      I would not be using the bank account i have right now. I would be setting up a new personal checking account for recieving money online. Is there anything wrong with this?

      Thankyou for any help you can give me.
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          MoveForward Scout
          Okay, some of what I am going to say you will not like and try to avoid but going on the right path from the get-go will only allow you to sleep better in years to come.

          First, until you make 3,000 dollars in profit, it is considered a "hobby". After you must file for a business lic. and pay tax on your income. Also Sales Tax.

          The good news, if you want to work with PayPal you must have a business bank account set-up. After you apply they will drop pennies into this account to confirm you have the account. The only way to get a business account at a bank is to have a business lic.

          My suggest is you message indicates...keep it as a hobby, keep the money seperate so you can grow from the proceeds, then when you are ready get a business lic., business checking, etc. I would strongly suggest you look into "ETZY" ( this is a commission artist website. Good Morning Amercia Television Show, articles, etc. have suggested this site and it has BOOMED. This is a site for you to sell
          your work. They will give you your own page and I believe they send you your proceeds.

          Another option would be for you to set-up a GoDaddy Tonight Website (these are templates and super easy for you to create a website, simply follow the steps), they do have a paypal option within there "Shopping Web Sites" and offer PayPal for Shopping Sites to use, I have no idea if this is channeled through GoDaddy or you need a business lic. for this.

          My last suggestion would be to find a friend or business owner that you trust, ask them if they would consider allowing you to have your customers go through their PayPal account and you will give them a percentage of each transaction or so much per transaction. But again, after you hit the 3,000 dollar amount I would strongly suggest you get your business lic., etc. this will not only make you a trusted artist but also a honest business.

          Best to You
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            FarquharEli Newbie
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Freelance Artist, How to start business?? Welcome

              Who are you?? Where are you?? Do to Members page and share some info.

              MoveForward gave you GREAT info. If I wanted to start my business and stay out of trouble with
              the IRS, I would do the following.
              Establish a business name.
              Register with the IRS and get a Federal I D Number.
              Contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE and helps people in business both in person and online

              Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                Tianna Wayfarer
                Hi there!

                I think there is no need to create a separate business account. and paypal is the right solution. I also use paypal for all my financial matters.
                Well.... you want to start online business... What about a website? Have you create an online portfolio? For an artist to have a portfolio is a must.
                If you don't want to hire a web developers and web designers, you may easily "create" a professional website by yourself. I said "create", actually you are buying a ready turnkey website with ready text, images and easy-to-use control panel through which you may update any design design element.

                So, if you are interested, you may take a look at such services. For ex.
                With each turnkey website you will get a free domain name, unlimited hosting, mail box, 3 hours of certified webmaster's work monthly and etc.

                Best regards,