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    I need new clients who need their books kept in order

    Accountants4U Wayfarer
      We work offsite and have a secured web site, I need new clients who need their books kept in order for their year end audit. We are the best, we have clients in NY, MA, OHIO, Virginia, CT, Vermont to name a few. I know there are people out there with companies that they are trying to take care of their own books. I'm a Quickbook expert and would like to add to our client base. I can explain how this works ...we have cleints that send the work, we have clients we pick up and deliver the work, This works great. You don't have to pay someone to work with you and pay a salary, payroll taxes and ofcourse insurances. We charge one monthly fee and we are there 24/7 for our clients. You have nothing to lose. E mail me Larry Love to give you a quote and you will be amazed how this works so well and we have excellent references you can call.
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          MoveForward Scout
          Suggestion....I know what you offer is great for Small Business's. I started off with a individual who does the same as you. I met him a Chamber of Commerce Network Group. He would stop in my office every two weeks and grab the "shoe boxes" that we put our receipts, invoice copies, etc. into. He was an angel because chicken stratch was on each slip of paper. As we grew we moved up to a CPA however, it is not the same personal service and they do not put up with my unorganization in the office.

          Perhaps you can check and see when the next Chamber of Commerce mixture or networking group is.
          Bring cards. Offer your service for a door prize to the next Chamber Banquet.
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              Accountants4U Wayfarer
              Thank you for that reply, and I already do belong to it. I have obtained a couple of clients from that group as well as 2 other networking groups. This site was recommended to me, but apparently it is not as good as I was told. I find it difficult to believe that all the people on this site not one needs a bookkeeper/accountant. I get a lot of request for web page set up (which I have) and companies that want me to join them but not one person for bookkeeping. I'll stay on for a while to give it a chance but this site is not the correct venue for what I am asking. Thank you again, I wish you well..Larry
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