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    Sole Propriator - Home Based Business

    JGREER45 Newbie
      I posted a letter to the community last week, over 1200 looked at my message and I received only (2) Two responces.
      I have another question.
      I realise that the Medical Alarm product is looked at by the consumer as a luxtury item, although needed by many, it does cost money, something that is hard to part with no matter what.
      My question is, "Is this buisness viable in todays market"?
      Please include e-mail address and I will send info.
      or visit my web-site @
      Any and all responces are welcome,
      Sole Propriator
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          If I'm not mistaken, you posted essentially the same question three times, and got a total of eight responses (one from "slavaret" seemed very helpful). As noted there, it was hard for at least two of us who visited the website to determine what it was exactly that you were selling, to whom, and why they would want whatever it was. Two weeks later, the site still looks the same.


          It's difficult to comment on the viability of any business unless we understand what it is. Are you selling something that an individual would buy for an elderly parent, and if so, what does it provide that a telephone doesn't already? Are you selling something an institution like a retirement community would buy to replace or expand devices on their internal monitoring systems? Why, when I click on a product, do I get a different item, name, and description than what you say you are selling -- and why does clicking on that item for more detail take me to another site altogether with even more product choices? If WE can't tell what the deal is, potential customers will also be confused.


          Please take a second look at the feedback offered by "slavaret" a couple of weeks ago.