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    I Need Help Advertising Baskets

    sincerebasket Newbie



      I have a website, I do bouquets, gold plated roses, and what I call 'personality baskets'.


      I have passed out flyers, friends have passed out flyers, I'm a member of Mompack and a lot of other members have passed out flyers, and I market on Facebook. I bought into those 'guaranteed visitors' from a company that uses popunder ads. And, I have used those free traffic websites.

      I get the hits and visits to my website, especially when I was doing the cost per click ad through Facebook, but no sales. I need to know where are people getting turned off and not buying. I do all my transactions through PayPal, I don't think that would be an issue.

      Is there anybody out there who can help me? How do I get visitors converted into buying customers?
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Not everyone buys through Paypal, your links may be on the wrong websites. Have you defined your market? If you have several markets you may want to create marketing campaigns tailored to each market segment, ie: corporate gifts, family baskets for teens, tweens and younger than 10, any ideas yet? I bet you do.

          Is your website one that is 'designed' or are you using boxes? Try looking at Natonlines' website to get some really cute ideas. NatOnline is a member here, click on the profile and see the web address for their store.

          Have you marketed to your friends and their families? How about having a 'basket party'? Your guests could order a customized basket for gift giving....if longaberger can hold basket parties for just those baskets and make boatloads of money you should be able to do much much better.

          Do your baskets have themes....Hawaii? Nutirtion? Coffee? Cookies? I have so many ideas I am ready to start in the basket marketing business now...

          If you are a member of a church get a blurb in the bulletin or email all the ladies...
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            You have a lot of different baskets...but all I saw were baskets...not how baskets can help make things good for people. You need to give people reasons to buy baskets for their friends.

            Some reasons are: unique gift picked especially for them
            saves time for the shopper
            good corporate gifts, rewards for outstanding performance

            People need reasons to buy...even if the product(s) are as nice as the ones you have for sale.

            I know its an online business but people still like the personal touch, have you thought about getting a kiosk at a mall for the season?

            FaceBook is geared towards a younger crowd....have you tried EONS?
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                sincerebasket Newbie
                No, I haven't tried EONS. But, I will. Where would I put in reasons for buying my baskets? On the homepage, on the products page for each item....?

                Some reasons I have are: great conversations starters, can be put in entry ways to greet your guests, used as table top centerpieces or room centepieces, a shopping convenience.....Would this be what you are referring to?
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                First off, the site looks very nice. It's well organized and functional. Nothing about it "turned me off."

                As for the baskets, they look very nice as well -- but they are somewhat "generic" in terms of their contents, as Diva noted. I order quite of few of these kinds of things for clients, new acquaintances, etc. - always from Harry & David, because of their trademark fruit and other products (I really like eating them, so I feel good about giving them). Your baskets are priced comparably to theirs, so to get me as a customer, you'd have to have something equally desirable and unique to your baskets. So my first suggestion would be to brainstorm on what that might be. What could you add to your baskets or contents to make them stand out and give you a unique market niche?

                Your shipping charge for delivery in 3 to 5 business days is about $10 (compared to $8 for a similar-sized H&D basket). That's a not a problem, but charging $40 for 2-day delivery and $60 for overnight delivery definitely is (H&D charges $12 for 2-day and $15 for guaranteed next-day delivery on similar baskets). The gift basket is often a "last minute" choice for many regular shoppers, and business buyers like me are sending a gift to try to follow up on something quickly. In each case, your 2-day and overnight shipping price is almost certainly turning business away. So my second suggestion would be to find a less-costly arrangement for expedited shipping.

                The two issues above have probably caused some visitors to think, "Hey, if I have $50 and week to do this, I can just make a basket myself!" So they may have used your very nice website as a Martha Stewart type model for how to build a gift basket on their own. My third suggestion would be to have a "customized basket" option, where people can choose the items they'd want included and virtually build a basket on line (as opposed to running around town and buying the contents themselves).

                If I'm spending more than $25 on a personal (non business) gift for someone, I'm probably going to put some thought into it and try to choose something for that person specifically. I'm more likely to choose a generic (and less expensive) gift for someone I don't know as well. So my fourth suggestion would be to create a low cost option in each of the "usual" gift-giving categories (thank you, get well, birthdays, "just because") -- in other words, a basket that could be purchased and delivered for under $30. While your profit margin might be small on these, they would be "business builders." For instance, I might order something like from you for a neighbor, and if it's delivered late or less impressive than I expected, no big deal; yet if it's on time, really nice, and you provided good service, I'd likely order again (and order more) in the future.

                I did not see a category for "care package" type baskets containing the kinds of things I'd want to send to a student away at college or someone in the military. My final suggestion would be to add something like that.

                I hope my feedback did not come across too harshly, and that my suggestions will be helpful. I wish you a Merry Christmas -- and more sales!
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                    sincerebasket Newbie
                    Thank you Lighthouse24 for your review and suggestions. No, they were not harsh. That is just what I needed. The problem with the shipping prices is that I use a dropshipper for the baskets on my website. I wish I could make them myself. But, I have forwarded your suggestions to the supplier. I was hoping that doing things this way it would help me get started in the industry so that one day when I did start making my own I would already have a good rep in the business. But, it doesn't seem to be working out that way.

                    Thank you for your suggestions. They were very helpful.
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                        Lighthouse24 Ranger

                        I totally missed that you were a rep for someone else's products (which is a compliment, in a way) -- so it seems I helped your supplier (maybe) more than you.

                        Do you have the capability to add a creation of your own to the website -- i.e., a low-cost basket, or a student or military "care packge" -- and to accept an order, process payment, and ship the item yourself? If so, adding just one small item like that might increase sales and profits, and help you launch your own independent business as sales increase.

                        If that isn't possible, you might consider posting another question requesting help with the term "network marketing" somewhere in the subject to attract all the advocates and gurus of that model who are members of this community (there are many here, but I'm not one of them).

                        Again, I wish you the best.
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                      NatOnline Tracker


                      I see one main issue on your site, it is not secured by a SSL Encryption 256 bits, customers don't like to give away personal information when the site is not secure.

                      I used Paypal on my site for many years before adding a merchant account, and I can tell you this is not a big issue, except if you want to increase your sells by 25% or more depends of your customers preferences.


                      On your Specials page there is an error SQL:
                      You should correct that asap.

                      Your main problem is not having enough backlinks, that's why you don't have enough presence on internet, and not converting into buying customers.

                      The keywords you are using in your index below are too general, some need to be removed, be more specific (for example the keyword gift has 540 millions sites on Google, trust me that will be very very hard to rank your site above 540 millions competitor sites.

                      gift, basket, christmas, easter, 4th of july, birthday gifts, thinking of you, thank you, welcome home, new home, housewarming, for her gift, for him gift, gourmet, holiday, wedding, anniversary, bridesmaid gift

                      I do not recommend a sign up, even if you give the choice not to, if you just started your business online, most of customers don't want to sign up.

                      Don't be discourage it takes time to know how it works, we all learn from our first steps.

                      Good luck
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                        CorpCons08 Ranger

                        I sent a client to your website for an order and they said the only shipping option was almost $40.00. Could you please look into this and get back to me. How can the shipping be more than the product?
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                          brilin Newbie

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                            M.I.S.B.O. Promotions Scout

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