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    Daycare Center

    macrin28 Newbie
      I would like to start a daycare center but having bad credit and no assets or downpayment I am not sure that I will be approved for a loan. I do have the drive and perserverance to run a daycare. I also have worked at a daycare center and have been a nanny for many years. Advise please.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Daycare Center, Welcome

          I have all kinds of advise to help. Go to Members page and share some info and then I will share
          all kinds of advise.

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            MoveForward Scout
            I suggest re-thinking the normal concept on this. You are thinking about needing funds for renting or purchasing a location, insurance on the building, electricity, water, etc. BUT what if you networked with a location that can benefit from your daycare for their employees or customers. Your daycare is within their place of business, this would not only omit the major over-head cost it would be a win/win.

            Some location ideas: That the company could market your daycare for employee insentive....
            • Within a manufacturing company (for employees Kids)
            • Within a school system (for Teachers Kids)

            • Major Grocery Stores (shop while child plays)
            • Mall (shop with child plays, also open to Mall employees)

            Additional funding for supplies, furniture, decor, etc. would come from the deposit from parents who sign-up.

            Remember, so states and cities require certification or special use permits for DayCares, check your area.

            Good Luck
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              pdelaney94 Wayfarer
              Hi Marcrin28,

              Have you thought of running your daycare out of your home?