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    Looking for bridal dress manufacturers

    daveberk Newbie
      We are starting a business around a new concept in bridesmaids' dresses. We are looking for potential manufacturers willing to work with us on up front costs to get this business started. Guaranteed the volume will be huge within a year --- for the right partner. Email us at to tell us what you have to offer. We will require references, photographs of your work and verification that you are a reputable business with experience delivering product to the United States. Thank you.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Looking for bridal dress manufacturers. Welcome

          Sounds exciting. When starting a new business you should

          1) Develop a Business Plan 2) Contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE

          Good luck
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            MoveForward Scout

            Within the Wedding Industry you would be
            considered the "manufacturer" since you
            design and produce your own product.

            Beye Haute Couture creates and produces evening
            wear and bridal gowns. They are not yet in US
            they are on top of their field in Italy, but they know
            all the who's/who within the US and abroad.
            Here is a direct
            contact NickNobile@beyehautecouture
            ask Nick Nobile (Marketing Manager) he
            would know of a reliable one and my be able to
            help you within marketing. Most Semstress
            Factory's for Bridal are in China.

            Suggestion: Before you invest in your new
            concept contact I suggest contacting The
            Association of Bridal Consultants and ISES.
            Ask them for assistances in having there
            members review your concept to assure this
            will be accepted as a trend also contact.
            Also contact 10 Brides (find in
            engagement section of newspaper) survey to
            see if they could have ordered your new dress
            concept if they could have. Surveying anyone else
            will not matter because they are not in the
            moment, a friend who says "great idea" to you
            now is a totally different person when they
            become engaged (hence the word "Bridezella).
            Bridal Consultants slowly bring in new
            trends, they become the voice of change, brides
            follow acceptable trends so they are in the now
            and not trying something new at one of the most
            important days of there lives.