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    On-line Networking

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      Using the Internet for Business Networking.


      Well I can't
      imagine why people wouldn't take
      advantage of the internet and network with as many relevant groups,
      organizations, members, forums and businesses as possible. This is a great era to be a business owner,
      writer, photographer, band member,
      performer, entrepreneur, athlete............

      It is in this
      era that you can reach potentially millions of people to sell a product to,
      support a cause, share an experience, show off your talents, communicate with,
      learn from. Whatever your reason, the internet is the place for networking. I
      am going to try to keep this article honed on the benefits and ways to use the
      internet to network for a business. First off you need to do a search for
      Relevant sites, such as Business to Business Sites, Business Networking Sites,
      On-line Directories, and sites that are relevant to your service/product. (for
      example if you are a photographer, do a search to find communities, forums and
      boards for photographers.)

      Register to
      become a member to as many of these sites as you can, most memberships are
      free, and then set up your profile strictly for your business. Try to leave
      your personal information to a minimum, such as I love cats, have 2 children.......
      All you are doing is leaving your "Business Card" on the site. So upload your

      ------If you
      don't have one there are many places
      on the net that also offer this service.


      Insert some
      content that sums up your services of products.

      A lot of
      Forums, Boards and Communities don't like you to just come in and start to solicit
      your business. But there is usually a post especially for that purpose, and the
      advertising is suppose to be kept strictly there. That is good enough.
      Advertise there.

      Also take a
      glance at the topics on the boards and questions in the forums. If you are able
      to contribute to any of these... do, and at the end of your reply leave a
      Signature. It can be as simple as your First and Last Name, Your Title, and
      then the Name of Your Business. If you are able to add a link, then link your
      business name to your site.


      Jane Doe



      What you are
      accomplishing here is WORD OF MOUTH, just 2009 style!


      Depending on
      how many places you found to Network, and you want to find a lot, I would spend
      a couple of weeks doing only this. Keep in mind that most of these sites you
      are not going to spend much time going back to. You are just leaving your footprint
      for others to find. This doesn't mean not to utilize the site, you MUST. Take
      the hours it requires to send 400 friend requests, to reply to a couple of
      posts and to advertise your site in the delegated area and then move on. You
      just left a seed for potentially 400 people to click on your profile and maybe
      then bring traffic to your site. Also you have left your "business card" for
      others to see in the future.


      And we all
      know traffic to our site is what we want. An important part of having a web presence
      is to be found when you are searched for, and this means getting up in the
      rankings. So not only are you bringing a potential 400 clients or customers who
      if they each told one person about your site makes that number 800, you are helping
      your rankings to be searched. Everyone says to Target Your Market......Yes Do.......
      But you also should observe that fact that you yourself are already a targeted
      market for all of those in this great big on-line world who are looking for
      YOU-your service-your product-your website.

      Catherine Pitts

      Vice President