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    Steps to start an independent pharmacy

    Jesse19 Newbie
      I am in the first stages of contemplating the opening of an independet pharmacy. I do not want to put up
      my home as collateral, so my first question is how do I go about getting a loan? Also, I am a female. Are there any special loans or subsidies for women entrepeneurs? What do i need besides a business plan, all the special licenses (dea, pharmacy permit, business and city license). What information do I need as far as contacting a wholesaler, data system supplier? Who do I contact for insurance? Are there any books or gurus out there that will not charge me a fortune to help me in getting the business off of the ground?

      How crazy is it for someone between 45 and 50 to start their own pharmacy? I need all the input and information I can get? I have over 20 years in the business so I know a little but not a lot about starting
      my own retail practice. Will the bank loan me enough to keep from starving? I have a very high fico score
      and all of the assests are tied up in a trust. Also, there is another independet and a chain in town, both of
      which people are unhappy with---I think it would be an opportunity to give them a run for their money.

      All advice, negative and positive will be appreciated!