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    CDRP - Helping People Save Money

    strait88 Newbie
      IDA Marketing Services, Inc. offers the CDRP or Collision Deductible Reserve Plan.

      The CDRP is a service that enables consumers to safely raise their automobile collision insurance deductibles to $1,000, thereby lowering their overall insurance premium and generally saving consumers thousands of dollars over the life of their driving career.

      By having a higher deductible, you will pay less for your insurance. Most consumers carry a $250 or $500 collision insurance deductible. By raising one or more collision insurance deductibles to $1,000 consumers can save up to 40% on their overall insurance premium.

      CDRP is not insurance, as it does not insure your collision insurance deductible. The CDRP simply provides interest free money for you to use to pay a collision deductible should you need to pay a collision deductible before your CDRP is mature.

      With a CDRP you have PEACE OF MIND - IDA will cover your $1,000 Collision Deductible from DAY 1.

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