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    what do I need to do to start a new optical business

    optmgr Newbie
      I am new to all of this business stuff, so I really need help.
      I am a seasoned optician in the USA and have been a mgr. for over 4 years now. I am tired of working for someone and want to work for myself. I want to start my own optical business, and was wondering what do I need to do to get started (in any business)???
      I have alot of ideas for what I want in my business and where I want it, I just need to research some locations for housing it. I have a lab that will process my orders, as well as I have the availability of getting frames and contact lenses. I am just now sure what I need to do.
      Where can I get grants, how do I put together a business plan, how do I market myself and my business??? Any suggestions and comments are extremely WELCOME!!!