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    Anyone dealt with "Live Deal"

    djryan Newbie
      Has anyone dealt with Live Deal, the internet marketing company based in Las Vegas? I have "googled" them and gotten some mixed results.

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          franklinb Adventurer
          I had an affiliate site that was co-branded several years ago with them. They invited me to participate in their affiliate classified advertising network, so I said ok, and they created the site on their servers.

          I have a high traffic classified marketing site where I mostly list my affiliate classified destinations, and this location is the one they targeted for their co-branded auto sales classified site. It was explained to me that I could earn some good commissions from the Auto Ads only. All other areas of the site would not earn revenue.

          After about a year of waiting for my commissions, I finally toot the thing down and wrote them off. They were all about the deal in the beginning, but were very hard to find later. Eventually I believe they went to Kowabunga to host their affiliate deal, and the co-branded page program was shelved by them.

          What I remember about them is that they kept changing all the terms every few weeks or months, and if I remember correctly I never received my commissions, but I did not care. I took the thing down and replaced it with a good money making classified site.

          I can't even remember the url of the co-brnaded site, but it did feature my logo without a link back to my site. As I look back now, I am certain it was dumb for me to have had anything to do with them in the first place.