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    online business review please

    spacemonkey Adventurer
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      My website Value Snatcher shopping, is a
      product database which shows relevant products, services (business
      listing), rate plans, and deals. You can find Products Online -
      shopping by price, type of good, rating and retailer


      Therefore any individual or business
      who would like to get their business or products listed in here can
      do so by adding their link in my website.


      This is the first time I have released
      this website to public eyes so I would really like to get your
      feedback on the site. Since this website has just started you might
      not find too many products or businesses however in a few months
      there should be many products and businesses listed in the value
      snatcher database.


      The website is in beta testing mode
      right now, and this is so that I can implement all the opinions I
      receive from you'll. Please let me know what needs to be tweaked in
      the website regarding the look, search function, etc. The products
      will gradually increase. :-)
      Thanks for being a part of the value
      snatcher team,
      As it is my visitors who can help mold the website
      into a self standing structure.
      Clint Oliveira