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    How can I publicise my Willwriting Services to homeowners?

    Willwriter Newbie
      I'm a legally qualified and experienced Willwriter and Estate Planning Practitioner and would like to make my services known to local homeowners and local businesses owners. They include inheritancew tax mitigation, asset protection, lasting poers of attorney, living wills and care charges planning. I provide free home visits, free reviews and free advice services All ides or suggestions would be much appreciated
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Willwriting Services to homeowners, Welcome

          Who are you?? Go to Members page and share some info.

          To succeed in business you need to develop a business plan and also contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE
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            businessSIR Adventurer
            One thing you need to do is contact some home owners associations and see if they have a billboard that you can post some literature about your company. Also many subdivisions in big cities have common areas such as parks, some have their own small businesses in them as well. These may have billboards, and other community talk programs where people can leave information about their business. Your local chamber of commerce is always a good place as well. Learn where homeowners have community functions such as fundraisers. See about placing a booth with your company info in the mix and see what happens. One thing I have learned about your own business is that you need to go out and do the leg work. You sound like you have a good business and wish you luck.
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              SeniorLiving Wayfarer
              You could try and contact assisted living facilities for the first class of work. Geriatric doctors could be another category which could provide you with leads. For the second class of work you could possibly contact real estate agents.
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                ICECREAMMAN2 Wayfarer

                Hi Willwriter:


                This information, may help You and a lot of others on the board....


                As we do not know, where you are yet.. US of A, Canada, UK, Ja Pan, ........


                COFFEE NEWS, is in about 60 countries now. I'm sure a lot of you have seen this or something like it, at a fast food location, got handed one, when you got your oil changed, even seen them at the Doc's office. 11" by 17" colored paper, printed both sides, some go out once a week, some go out 5 days a week. They have trival, jokes, what happened 100 years ago today, etc. You can read it and leave it, or take it with you.

                I would go and DQ's, A & W's, I see a lot of older folks at the A&W's reading these up Here in Canada, and find one or more, check them out.

                Price, How many printed, how many times a week, etc....


                But they also have Ads Square Space, on the sides, and they are cheap rates. Depending on the total amount of their circulation. Some cities have different areas, you can choice, etc.



       Canada I think

                Web designers, New Products, Inventions, Home Businessies, etc. Post your ad, with your web site, phone number, or what ever, Logo, or other picture....

                Hope this helps

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                  MoveForward Scout
                  Contact ICCFA (International Cemetary Creamation Funeral Association).
                  They a have a "Consumer Resourse Guide" this is given to Hospice organizations,
                  those that request information, organ donation groups, prearrangement and
                  pre-planning groups to hand out. Sounds to me like you maybe a great
                  resource. Phone number 703-391-8400 (they are in Sterling VA) they may
                  also have a website. They also have branches of the association for each
                  state. Each state then has a three day annual conference with convention
                  center filled with vendors and new trends, you may want to locate one and
                  participate at a conference. The association is really working hard to work
                  with pre-planning. These are dates and locations you may want to consider
                  participating: Fall Confernce, Washington D.C (Renaissance Hotel)Oct 7-10,
                  Wide World Sales...Hilton New Orleans Riverside, New Orleans, LA
                  Jan 13-15 and Annual Convention and Exposition March 10-13 San Antonio.