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    Towards greater public/private sector participation

    RaysAllan Newbie
      The private sector should enhance the confidence of the people whose needs they are catering to and must ensure their active participation in their real estate projects. The state government’s intervention in housing and in all the other ‘have nots’ is however, considered inevitable as the private enterprise may not be able to generate the required resources for newer real estate projects. In such a situation they should work in partnership with the government and public sector housing agencies in catering to the housing needs of the poor and low-income families. When considering the developments in* Real Estate Kerala* is now witnessing, the best output will come only through a proper understanding between the government and the private players.

      The bureaucracy and public administration must be reoriented to promote public-private sector cooperation and partnership to achieve the above said objectives, even though it is easier said than done. This calls for deeper insights into the various aspects of housing requirements and housing development process, which should be generated.

      A leading economist, in the first paper of this volume, emphasizes the need to motivate the private sector to play its role effectively in improving urban housing conditions, particularly for the ‘have nots’. He explains the areas of public-private cooperation in urban housing to solve this problem. In order to generate and maximize the public-private sector cooperation in housing, he suggests important measures like
      (i) Constitution of a task force
      (ii) Development of private sector housing agencies
      (iii) People’s participation
      (iv) Review of National Housing Policy
      (v) Starting a housing technology mission to evolve appropriate technology.