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    Seeking Travel Consultants for legit Home Based Business!

    YouCanTravel2 Wayfarer
      Hello Friends:

      I spent three years really exploring and researching many different home based businesses. Finally, I believe I found the winner! I'm 26 and my husband is 33. I own Raw Casting Company and my husband is a police officer (and has been for 11 years). If I continue on the path of success that I'm currently on, I will be able to retire my husband within a year. I know what most of you are thinking...police officers don't make a great salary. But, my husband works for the highest paid agency in the State of Texas. Therefore, his salary (with off-duty work) averages about $85,0000/yr (not too shabby, I know!).

      Anyway, this company I have found is amazing. We are a Christian based company, with extreme moral values. We pride on giving back to the community and helping others to also achieve their goals. We donate time and money to charities throughout and even take humanitarian trips to go and build houses.

      In a DOWN ECONOMY, we DOUBLED our revenue last year! AND, we've just launched internationally as well! We were also featured on the covers of "Your Business at Home" and "Success From Home" Magazines. How amazing!

      I've been truly blessed that a friend thought so highly of me to show me this. Now, I'd like to return the favor.

      If you'd like more information, please feel free to contact me at:

      To Everyone's Success,
      Amanda R.