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    Rebo75 Newbie


      Can anyone out there help me with this one please?


      I operate my sole proprietorship from my apartment. I sell handmade crafts primarily on an online mall.


      I am now considering business cards as part of my advertizing outreach and I am faced with a dilemma; + Do I show my physical address on the card or not?+


      My objective to start with is just to DIRECT people to my website and not my apartment.


      My apartment lease is quite explicit about this. Simply put, if you run a business that does not require customers coming to your apartment, eg. Online; that is permissible otherwise that would be considered a lease violation. Besides that; my main concern is about safety so I wouldn't want to put my apartment address on the card.


      Secondly I read all over the net as to how websites that do not indicate a brick and mortar address but just P.O Boxes could be highly suspicious or even phony companies. I am legitimate. What do I do then?


      Can't I simply have a card that shows one or two urls leading to my website including a tel# and say fax# and ofcourse my name and my position?

          caffeinated Scout
          Hi Rebo75 and welcome to the SBOC!

          I think if you show more ways for customers to reach you, the better. In addition to a PO Box, the website, tel#, fax#, be sure to include an email address and possibly a call to action like "Follow me on twitter," or "Become a Fan" on Facebook. The more you engage in social networking sites, the more you can't build up your reputation. Take Yelp for example. If a customer has a great experience with you, they may write a positive review. Same with setting up a store on eBay.

          Good luck with your business and I hope you don't get tossed out of your apt.

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            MoveForward Scout

            Perhaps these suggestions will help you.

            First, let's say you order 250 cards with your
            address and in two months you
            the cards are pointless and your mail is not
            getting to you. I suggest going to a "mailbox
            company" in a near by shopping center. They
            are now offering "Street Address" with suite
            numbers you use for your box number, not a
            P.O number. This will not only make you
            gain a professional polish look it will also allow
            you get receive packages when you are not
            home. The Mail Box location accepts packages
            for you. I beleive MailBox Etc. is one place
            that offers all these services. Shop around
            for the best deal.

            Second...for what you do it is not really
            nessassary to put your address down. Your
            phone number and address is your email
            address. Your business doors is the home
            page of your website. Look at your site
            as your store, office and inventory management.

            Third...You may want to think-out-of the box
            with a unique concept in place of the business
            card (think of this as a calling card). For
            example: The indiv. who has a coffee bean
            company should have "coasters" with his
            business name and info. for his business card.
            The person that makes home made candy,
            should have small candy jars and samples
            for her calling card. Magnet looking like a
            cake for the Wedding Cake Designer.
            What is your craft? Perhaps we can come
            up with something that costs the same but
            has a bigger effect.

            Fourth: Car magnets, including the back of
            your car (when sitting at a traffic light the
            back is important). This is a huge marketing
            tool for your business. Check out Vista Printing
            (online) they have ones you can create a
            logo and make. Use your website on this
            and email.

            Fifth: Have you looked into this
            would be awesome for you. The site has a
            huge following, you may also be able to tye
            your website in with this.

            Hope this helped.
                Rebo75 Newbie
                thanks for taking the time to response.That was very elaborate.You asked about my craft.I specialize in jewelry handcrafted in Precious Metal Clay.

                    MoveForward Scout

                    Teachers would love what you make.
                    I suggest finding out when each school has there "Fall Festivals"
                    and offer a free necklace gift certificate for a drawing, raffle or
                    silent auction they may have. Include a sample necklace for display.
                    The teachers will then all see your work. Park your car with the ads
                    on the car at the entrance of the parking lot on the festival days.

                    Business Card magnets that have a photo sample of your jewlery
                    would be perfect for you. This way you can also give your card to
                    store owners and they can place them on their file cabinet in their
                    office, others on the refrig.. If you visit someone and they are not
                    in place it on their mailbox. It is rare for anyone to throw out a
                    magnet, they will use them in some way.

                    I use Vista Printing ( I have never had problems
                    with them. I own an Event Management Co. and order for
                    clients and our office needs. You may want to look at them.


                  alexj888 Newbie

                  I suggest getting a small box in your local UPS Store. It is not a PO Box number. it is actually the address of the UPS store but with a unit number (which is your box number). They will accept all parcels for you as well.

                  This should make you seem more "legit".

                  Besides, it also helps you on the personal parcels. It's a lot better than having to watch out for UPS / Fedex for your personal stuff. I have a medium box - I pay $22/month.

                  yes, for your business cards - include your website, twitter site, facebook site, etc. social networking is so important nowadays.

                  I hope this helps.
                    1lorna Newbie
                    No i do not advise to show your address if it's and online business no one needs to know where you live.
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                      webknix Newbie
                      There is NO rule out there that says you HAVE to put your address on a business card ... it just became a boring norm that an address be included .. so go ahead and just put your website address on there and get creative with your business card .

                      Instead of just have your name and website address have something like a tip on the card .. that way people are more likely to keep the card ...
                        vinod1978 Adventurer
                        Many small businesses start out of their home, but you don't need to put your home address on a business card.
                        Franchises like Mailbox, Etc.. give you a real address (NOT a P.O. Box), and a Suite number.

                        I would suggest that you do not put your home address for privacy and safety issues, but also it just doesn't look if you have an apartment number on your business card.
                        If you don't feel like you want to physically go to a place and pick up your mail, there are other solutions.

                        These guys are a bit expensive, but they do the job fairly well:

                        Basically they give you a real address, and you give them permission to open up your mail. They scan all their mail and put it online for you to see. You see it online with any browser and select which ones you want them to physically send you and which ones they can throw out. So you have a few options. I would recommend putting an address both on your business card and your website address because the more contact information you give to your customers, the more reliable you will seem.

                        Also, even though you didn't ask this question I have to recommend that you only put 1 url. You mentioned you might put multiple URLs - you should not. Stick to one and brand just that name. If you want to advertise later on you don't want to have to spend time branding 2 separate website addresses.