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    Increase Your Traffic and Gain Brand Exposure with

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      StumbleUpon, one of the hottest bookmarking sites out there, has an easy-to-use social networking tool called that shortens URLs. This service, which is designed for content publishers, will save you time while blasting out content to search engines.

      In the past URL shorteners haven't really benefited content creators. It's not just "another URL shortener." Why shorten URLs if it's going to mess up your rankings? That's the not the case with Users have reported big results when using - up to 24,000 unique visitors to one post in a 24 hour period. That could be a LOT of new customers and clients directed to your site!

      In other social networking platforms such as Twitter, their URL shortener shortens the URLs to save space but isn't really helpful with search engines. However, with content publishers can post their content to multiple platforms all at once while still maintaining search engine rankings and branding.

      Another great perk with is not only do you blast out content to social network users in Facebook and Twitter, but you also expose your content to over 8 million StumbleUpon members. If you think about how many millions of people use Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon, that's a MASSIVE global audience that you didn't reach before.

      How Does Su.Pr Work? is user-friendly and you only need a StumbleUpon account to get started.

      · Sign up for a free account


      · Type in your desired message and hit post


      · Message is posted along with your shortened URL and blasted out to Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon users (according to your time schedule)


      · Publishers have the option to choose the best times to post and schedule future posts


      · See real-time results/stats on tweets, clicks and traffic associated with each post - use these results to research your niche/traffic and figure out what's working/not working with your content!


      If your company is lagging with brand exposure and traffic to sites, is one of the best innovative online marketing tools. It's a "must" when it comes to social networking! This is what you can expect when you use

      · You only need to click ONCE - Publishers can simultaneously post to StumbleUpon, Twitter and Facebook with just one simple click of a button - it's that easy!


      · Increased traffic - Each URL exposes your content to millions of social networking/bookmarking users - showcase your site's best content with each link!


      · Redirects traffic easily - Users can use links that redirect traffic back to their site (using a 301 redirect) - this really helps preserve your search engine rankings!


      · FASTER, BETTER results - You can schedule as many posts as you want and can send out your posts whenever you want. You can identify high traffic times and post accordingly. This will save you time and give you faster, BETTER results!


      · Analytics/Tracking - Provides up-to-date reports on traffic and clicks (including re-tweet numbers for posts)


      · Customized shortened URLs - You have the option to use your own domain in the shortened URLs


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