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    The SBA and working to secure government contracts

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      Hi All,

      I've recently been going through the procedures necessary to begin bidding on government contracts. There are a lot of forms to fill out, both online and off. Some of the information requested makes me a bit nervous: the SBA requires a lot of financial information about you for registration.

      So before I take the leap, has anyone here had any real on-the-ground benefit from being registered with the SBA? Has it helped you secure government contracts? Don't need to know the details about what you do, just if the whole process was worthwhile for you.

      Any advice is appreciated.
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          MoveForward Scout
          STOP! STOP!
          I did the same, and when I began getting strange email I learned
          it came from the Small Business Reg.

          I contacted my SBA advisor only to learn, although this is supported
          by the SBA they are not responsible for this division of the SBA.

          My advisor then suggested I reg. directly through my states vendor
          reg. (private) and do the same for every state you want to bid or
          work with.

          Best to You!
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            The SBA and working to secure government contracts, Welcome

            Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE and can help you both in person and online.

            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              MoveForward Scout
              Sorry for the late respond, busy in between.

              I did not go through the online reg. back then they did
              not have the online process. I received mine through a request
              and over the fax. Then sent it in.

              They then (and still do) post a list in the catagory you fall.
              This is public record. Soon you will receive messages from
              individuals relating to your business and you think they are
              contacting you for your service. They do this by email and

              I am in Event Management. I am also with an International
              Event Society, so for someone to say they need assist
              in planing an Event here before they arrive from another
              country that is not out of the ordinary, but soon you learn
              this is not real and they are just trying to get more information
              including banking info (where to wire the money).
              I also had another who convienced me
              and our local police dept. they were on the up and up.
              Turns out he was not in the Military serving in Afganastan,
              his bride was not from,,,etc. when they wired money above and
              beyond the balance, asking me to send them back the part
              they over wrote it all came to light. And that is when I
              received help tracking down how these contacts were finding

              Although the SBA is not personally responsible for this.
              They never gave me a respond when I contacted them.
              The list that is out there with all your information and details
              allows those less nice to contact you
              as if they want your service and you have no idea it came
              from the SBA listing and they are playing a game.

              However, when I bid for Gov. Convention Planning and
              Conferences direct from the Gover. Listings I do not have
              this problem, the list of approved vendors is not posted for
              all to view and contact.

              Best Wishes
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                  Thanks for the info, Moveforward.

                  It's interesting, because yesterday I received a call from an individual whom I thought was a government representative soliciting bids for a 5-year contract for my type of service. It turned out to be a rep for a company that says they'll help you win government contracts for a fee, of course.

                  So you recommend filing with the my local SBA, or avoiding the SBA altogether?
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                  MoveForward Scout

                  I now avoid any organization, association, company or
                  other who posts your company name, details the work
                  you offer, and posts information you otherwise would
                  not give out. However, if you are not sure about signing
                  up with any company or group that offers leads or bids
                  there is a way to find out if they sell your information or
                  if the listing becomes a concern.

                  This is what you do...
                  On any business registration or application they will ask for
                  an Operation Manager or General Manager name (if they
                  do not, put a comment on the form that says this person
                  is in charge, you simply own the business). This name
                  will be a made up name you came up with, even if you
                  do have an Operations Manager, do not put the real persons
                  name down. For every application or registration you do
                  make the name different. Now, if you start receiving
                  snail mail, calls or email for someone under this name you
                  now know the source it came from. If you receive
                  calls, emails, etc. for a different name, you not know
                  where this source came from. The name will track
                  down the source you need to end your relationship with.

                  Let's say your call or email you had yesterday asked
                  for Pete Snow, you look on your list of names you have
                  given out and where you did this at and you will then know
                  where he got your information.

                  In the case of SBA, you can put your middle name as your
                  first name and see what happens. If they changed the
                  system, my guess is NO since it is an open viewing
                  then you will know where it comes from.

                  I would suggest going online, downloading State bids
                  and these are sealed information. Depending on the type
                  of business you do, you may want to do this in other

                  Be smart and save when you give out any information.