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    Looking for software agent

    chwmqq Wayfarer
      Hi guys:
      My friend and i have developed an ORM product based on .Net.
      We need someone help us to sell the product,
      If someone has interests contact with my msn
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          There is nothing on your profile to indicate who you are, what skills you have etc. OK so its a .net platform, tell us about the product, yourselves and why developing on .net is so wonderful and why this product is so wonderful that someone would just contact you out of the blue because you posted on a forum.

          Share! Then you can get some good feedback.
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            For the forum members;

            ORM = Object Role Modeling
            Object Relational Mapping
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              chwmqq Wayfarer
              I should provide more information.
              We are Chinese.
              I have 3 years work experiences on .Net platform.
              My friend has 8 years work experiences .
              Our ORM belongs to Object-relational mapping, it is a data access component.
              First,we called our orm product "Zding ORM",it took us about 1 year on designing and coding.I believe it is the good ones'.It is a lightweight data access component.So it is simple to study and use. We use reflection technique in .Net ,so when you are writing code it will show smart tips. We have resolved the complex multi-table query which can't be reached by the general ORM, and added some other features in it.
              To generate the entities can use entity generator tool. How to use the orm component, just 3 step,1:generate the entities,2:modify the connenctString section in the application's config file,3: add reference of Zding.Framework.DataAccess.dll , beginning with the Facade Object.
              Our product site have finished 80%, the url is , you can know more about it.

              Sample Code 1: Entity

              public interface Student : IDbEntiy

              /// <summary>

              /// stundent id primary key

              /// </summary>


              decimal N_STUDENT_ID { get;set; }


              /// <summary>

              /// name

              /// </summary>


              string VC_STUDENT_NAME { get;set; }


              Sample Code 2: Query


              .Join<OrderDetail>("B", Fi.F == Fi.F)