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    Craigslist - I almost got scammed!

    MetroGal Adventurer
      I heard about a Craigslist scam that tries to recruit "researchers" for a "Western Union Study." I thought that was interesting, so I went on Craigslist and saw a listing about a "coffee study." I was a bit suspect on this one, because lots of people drink coffee...and figured that a real study wouldn't be so general. I sent an email saying I was interested. A few days later (today) I get an email saying, sorry coffee study is full, but we are doing another study...on Western Union, please provide the following personal info if you are interested...

      Anyway, long story short - my instinct was right! The coffee study was fishy, but I never thought that they would do a bait and switch and to the "Western Union Scam," - anyway, never provide personal details over email, and always be careful - there's no such thing is free money, don't ever give people your account number, or send money to unknown persons, etc.