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    Florida Tax Questions

    AccueCS Newbie
      Hello everyone,

      My wife and I have started our own cleaning business and we have been pretty lucky, in less than 3 weeks in business, we are about to start working for a big apartment complex and we are giong to be hiring some new employees to help us manage the work load. I would like to do Payroll myself and I have downloaded an incredible easy Excel sheet that will calculate all amounts to be deducted automatically and I will also be able to print Pay Stubs from the Excel Sheet.

      My problem is, the program asks me for tax percentages for different categories and I can't seem to find the information anywhere online. Hopefully one of you can point me to the right direction or just provide me with the numbers.

      I need the following information for my State:

      State Tax
      Federal Income Tax (Percentage based on Federal Allowance
      Social Security Tax
      Medicare Tax