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    Your Recommendation for Company Name

    JMSCALI Wayfarer
      Hey Everyone,

      Thank you in advance for your help here. We're in the process of launching a line of apparel for the surf/ski/wake/motox lifestyle. Before we finalize the LLC, I want to get feedback from fellow entrepreneurs on what Company Name and Logo would be choice. Given the focus on extreme sports, we're looking for an edgier name and concept - below is the full list of names we've considered and background info on each. Any help or opionion you can offer is much appreciated.

      > HARKLEY (may sound close to Hurley competitor - would this matter?)
      > VEXSON
      > BOSS (meaning chief, supreme, awesome)
      > TAUK (shortened from MonTAUK, may sound close to Tavik)
      > THE WALL (surf affiliation)
      > KINGSWOOD (may sound close to Kingsley competitor - would this matter?)
      > THE SPOT (surf/ski affiliation)
      > THE PIPE (surf/ski/motox affiliation)

      Like most brands getting started, these names don't necessarily make sense right now but are aimed at being recognizable as the brand gains momentum.

      In terms of a company logo, most competitors use a letter of the company name (ie. O for Oakley and H for Hurley). Volcom is one of the few brands that has coined the "Volcom Stone" (a completely random but cool design) that is strongly associated with the brand. My second question is:

      >Would you prefer a company that uses a letter for the logo/emblem or one that creates a separate random design (i.e. like Volcom has done)? What would you rather see on clothes, hats, stickers, etc. and what would be most recognizable?

      I'm just trying to see what names and logo concepts get the strongest feedback before we launch. Again, thank you so much for your time and help - it is MUCH appreciated.

      Jordan S.
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          S2WM takes into account the lifestyle you described, For the logo a big jagged 'X' crossed with S2WM, make the numeral 2 like an exponent. .. also sounds like swim.

          Get it? EXTREME surf, ski, wake, motox

          Below are the reasons why your choices are not good. About half will ensure that you end up in court for violating someones' trademark or name. Note: You will not win in any of these confrontations.

          Harkley will get you into trouble with harley davidson, one letter will not keep you out of trouble
          Vexson what this THAT???? Sounds like a version of the swine flu or maybe some wonder drug
          Boss oh yeah go with that one and deal with HUGO BOSS in court
          Tauk sounds like a new species of unfriendly, smelly and very ugly one at that
          The Wall, Pink Floyd pretty well has that one wrapped up, don't even go there
          Kingswood, this is so lame, this word sounds like a school, come to kingswood Academy
          The Spot, this is just lame
          The Pipe, sounds like a head shop name, parents will really like that (not) I understand this is a surfing term...

          You have not googled any of the above names have you? You don't have any professional design advice do you?

          You want to set your brand apart not be a part of the crowd. Get a snappy logo (like I described) and start building the brand around that. Website, fliers, hats, cups, bumper stickers. You can open up a shop at, upload the logo and start having brand stuff before you launch.

          If you like I can put you in touch with our designer. You have seen his work at Steak & Ale, Chilis and Dr. Pepper. No, his services are not free, but they are competitive.
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              JMSCALI Wayfarer

              Dear DomainDiva,

              I do "get" S2WM. However, this is far from an ideal name. It is not pronounceable. It is not understandable. And it certainly doesn't it sound like "swim". Other than that, it's great.

              I agree with not wanting to violate a trademark. Of course, your logo concept has completely evaded the issue at hand. A big jagged ‘X' has never been used before and ESPECIALLY within the extreme sport market. We're golden.

              That was sarcasm.

              In regards to choosing a Company Name, countless companies have closely reproduced names of past companies without facing infringement issues to any degree. This is particularly true when the vertical is completely unrelated, as it is with 2 of the 3 instances you mentioned.


              Fortunately, Vexson and Tauk don't have to mean anything to you. I respect if they conjure up images of the swine flu, wonder drugs and unfriendly animals, albeit quite imaginative. What were Oakley, Hurley, Volcom, Volkl and Tavik before they began and their BRAND gained recognition? What about Armada, Billabong, Dakine, Giro, Oxbow, Rossingnol and Salomon?


              Maybe Kingswood, The Spot and The Pipe are "so lame" in your mind. But what is NOT lame is your suggestion to inundate our brand with marketing materials from No, THAT spells winning company, my friend. It's also "snappy" and will totally distinguish us from the crowd. The site is an untapped resource.

              Saracasm, yet again.


              The names I listed have been googled and I have indeed gotten design advice. I simply asked for suggestions. If you did not like them (which, clearly is an understatement given the response) then it was more than fine to move along.


              I do, however, appreciate your need to feel important by demolishing every potential name listed and questioning my expertise on the process in general. Thankfully, I didn't place much validity in your statements because your lack of knowledge became apparent rather quickly.

              Don't mind me for not selecting the designer for Steak & Ale, Chilis and Dr. Pepper and using them for our RETAIL and sport concept.


              For someone, who writes as arrogantly, aggressively and condescendingly as you, I suggest learning more on what you are writing about. In the meantime, keep your day-job.
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              GhostRider103 Wayfarer
              Maybe you should talk to a web design company? They would be more experienced in this subject, and would be the perfect type of people to talk to to get a mroe creative name, and logo.

              Maybe contact and ask your questions there? They might have some good advice, and could possibly even design the logo for you.

              Good luck with your business.
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                phanio Pioneer
                Have you talked with your potential customers to see what they would respond too? You should run your thoughts by them to see what they think would be reflective and rememberable. You could also hold a comptition amoung your potential customers for a name - this will not only get them involved in your company - but is a great marketing ploy.

                Business Money Today
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                  YesYouCan Scout
                  Ditto phanio.

                  Another thought - think about keywords. What are the keywords that potential customers are going to enter when they are looking for your products? If you could work these into your business name it will help bring traffic to your website.
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                    pinklippsllc Newbie

                    I have to say domaindiva, keep your funnies coming, you made me laugh with your comments, maybe comedy writing is in the works for you.

                    As far as a company name, as long as you have researched your name and no one out there has it and your logo is not copying anyone elses, especially those who are trademarked, then go ahead with your idea.

                    I kind of like the names, the wall, the pipe, and kingswood.

                    How about suggestions like maxstrom, vexstrom, you can make the x in the middle the xtreme in the logo.
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                      MoveForward Scout

                      This may help you select a name. Pretend I asked you to select a
                      business name for me. Here are your options:
                      • Wiggles, Barney and More
                      • Roseola
                      • The Kissing Hand Place

                      What is my store? Who is my target audience?
                      My point?... even though I and a great number of Mom's would
                      know my store caters to children ( these are popular children
                      book titles,kids television shows and toys). To you my store
                      names is in a foreign language. Perhaps this is why so many
                      companies are falling, they do not look out-side-the box.
                      Only targeting their potiental market, without looking ahead.
                      What if you needed a toy store for a gift, would you have
                      known my store is that type of retail....NO. Then I lost a potiental
                      customer to WalMart. Same for your names. You understand
                      them, those who are deep in into surf/ski/wake/motox lifestyle
                      would get it or would all get it? What about those who are just
                      starting out and need your products to begin...will they know
                      how to find you from the title?

                      Create a name that is short (less letters to pay for when it comes
                      to your sign and monograming, etc).

                      Starts with a letter in the beginning of the alphabet (A is always
                      best), this allows your listing to come first in the phone book,
                      sponsor list, etc.

                      Let the name say it all to all.

                      Have a tag under it and incorporate it in the logo.

                      Set your logo colors to black and white or one color (more color
                      more costly).

                      Can your logo be blown up huge (think MCDonalds, Nike logo)
                      or very small on a listing in a poster. Examples of bad logo's
                      is Domino's (this becomes a mini square when small).

                      Can your logo match a "Mascot" for your store. Your Mascot
                      could visit the beaches, be present at Festivals, etc.
                      This is FREE advertising!

                      My suggestion for your store:
                      "Extreme Sports Comfort"

                      Leave the Ski, Surf, Wake, Motox out of the equation, what if
                      you decide to add Snowboarding, Diving, Mountain Bike, etc.
                      do not lock a name that will not allow you to grow should a
                      trend start to happen in a sport.

                      Very Best to you!

                      Also...if you select to use this name, I hold no rights.
                      (I learned from the expert on this site, always make sure
                      any name that is suggested you get full rights or it may one
                      day come back to bit you).

                      Go for it! Jump over the hurtles, go around the walls and
                      u-turn when nessassary.

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                        JMSCALI Wayfarer
                        DomainDiva - I was not implying that you were being sarcastic. Your response was not that elusive or intelligent - it was just unnecessarily harsh. I, in turn, was bluntly stating my own sarcasm. S2WM is undesirable for the points mentioned above. A jagged "X" is the most over-used symbol in extreme sports. Cafepress is a completely cheap, commercialized and unimpressive marketing strategy. I might as well stop at a mall kiosk or better yet, throw my business plan in a garbage. While your designer may have excelled in the Food & Beverage industry, it's in stark contrast to our manufacturing and retail-based business. I did "show up here" but it was in search of constructive criticism and god-forbid, genuine helpfulness. You can play the "old lady" card all day but it doesn't justify your condescending approach and rude response.

                        Ok, moving on...

                        Ghostrider - Thank you for the advice and website design company. I appreciate your help and have looked into their services.

                        Phanio - That's a very good idea and was very useful in Threadless Tees. We'll look into getting something like that started.

                        YesYouCan - This is a good idea as well but may be slightly more difficult given the broad range of sports we're addressing. It may be very effective in the slogan though so thank you.

                        GB Intel - I completely agree with where you're coming from and would utilize this concept in 99.9% of businesses. Since the names are so vague, we plan to have a slogan and marketing plan that embodies exactly what we do. As I mentioned above, brands like Volcom, Oakley and Tavik have done this effectively.

                        Pinklippsllc - Thanks for your suggestions; I appreciate it.

                        MoveForward - Like GB Intel, I respect and understand your point thoroughly. We've looked into names that are more transparent and "catchier" but given the type of market we're targeting, that approach wouldn't be well-received - it is strongly rooted in unorthodox methods - or at least that is the perception. In terms of a store name, we won't be opening a store directly but rather targeting well-established (but not over-saturated or mainstream) stores to carry our line, building steady growth in key markets on a national scale. We're trying to take a grass-roots approach and build through reputation more so than an easily identifiable name. I do appreciate your tips on keeping the name short and the logo both simplified and scalable - I definitely agree with these points. I mentioned "ski/surf/wake/moto-x" to generate a feel of the audience but it won't be a direct tie-in because I agree, it will most definitely be extended to snowboarding, bmx, skateboarding and other sports. Thank you for your considerate response and thank you all for your time and help.
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                          bonbaby Newbie

                          Hi Jordan,


                          I am just a regular ski-er, not a board-surf-motox lifestyle person at all, so take this for what its worth...


                          I would go with Tauk or Vexson - that would fit in most with the image I get of ski/surf-wear.


                          Boss is too common, and Kingswood is too... conventional? One of the "THE" names would work, but I think they are too sport-specific. Not sure about Harkley.


                          Definitely not ActiveAppareL - nice as that name is, I would expect that brand at Kmart, not at a specialty ski store.


                          Good luck! What a cool, exciting business!
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                              Milo42 Newbie
                              Growing up in extreme sports, I ride bmx bikes and my brother-in-law rides professionally, I've seen and been around many extreme sports companies. With that being said, I find Vexson to be more appealing than all the others and I could actually see that name plastered on ramps and shirts because it has a unique sound and look to it.

                              Just my two cents, thanks for reading.
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                              MoveForward Scout

                              I am confused. Have you stopped and read what
                              DomainDiva wrote or did you jump to conclusions?

                              Wish I would have read the replies before I too took
                              the time to care about your business and send you
                              reply. Seems like others did the same as me.

                              DomainDiva took the time to give you suggestions,
                              help suggest alternative suggestions, and position
                              you in the right direction. She spent her time to
                              come up with a name and give you her OPINION
                              just as you had asked for. Only to receive a
                              reply in your "unsportsman-like" tone.
                              Her second reply was simply explaining the
                              demographic age she falls in so you understand
                              if she wanted to purchase for her grandson's birthday
                              she could not find you based on your name.

                              What she did not give you is the answer you
                              asked for. Wow, if you can not take someone's
                              help (good or bad) now, how are you going to
                              accept the fact that if you want to build your
                              business through "reputation" it takes more
                              than the a great product or concept to be




                              If this is the way you will handle
                              customer service or advice success I
                              suggest you purchase a "Business
                              Life-Jacket" now!

                              I suggest apologizing to DomainDiva then
                              move on.
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                                JMSCALI Wayfarer
                                Bonnie - Thanks so much. I've gotten similar feedback from other athletes so it's very helpful to see that your comments are in line.

                                Milo - Again, thank you very much. It's a huge help to get feedback from people, who are familiar with the industry.

                                MoveForward - I am quite appreciative when people offer help (both good and bad) and I understand that many people may not agree with my names or concepts in general; constructive criticism is always welcomed. Maybe I'm mistaken in reading DomainDiva's response but the way I saw this was that it was not at all constructive. I found it to be unneccessarily cruel for the following reasons:
                                1- She mocked the names I listed...
                                > "Vexson what is THAT???? Sounds like a version of the swine flu or maybe some wonder drug"
                                > "Tauk sounds like a new species of unfriendly, smelly, and very ugly one at that"
                                2- Called the names lame...
                                > "Kingswood this is so lame"
                                > "The Spot this is just lame"
                                3- Used a sarcastic tone...
                                > "Boss oh yeah go with that one and deal with HUGO BOSS in court"
                                > "yeah parents will really like that (not)"
                                4- And was utterly condescending...
                                > Below are the reasons why your choices are not good. Note: You will not win any of these confrontations."
                                >"You have not googled any of the above names have you? You don't have any professional design advice do you?"
                                Correct me if I'm wrong, but the point of this site is to be supportive and helpful. While other contributors may have not agreed with me, they all disagreed quite respectfully. She did not have to agree with everything I said, but she also did not have to go out of her way to degrade and mock the concepts we've worked quite hard on. I agree that the business world will be a wake up call, but along the way, we'll choose to align ourselves with customers, suppliers and partners, who are positive and supportive. As I said earlier, I am very appreciative of your response. I am less tolerant of hers, which I felt was a direct assault for no apparent reasons. However, if I am wrong in my interpretation of the aforementioned remarks, then my apologies to her.