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    Please give me tips on how people can find my website

    calisuraj Newbie
      Hello, I have started a new ecommerce company and need help on how to advertise and get the name of our website out there. Any advice and critique will be taken with gratitude!

      Our Website is
      Thank You

      Suraj Chugani
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          markspenser Newbie
          Have you optimized your website for Search Engine? If yes than it seems not to be highly optimized.

          I suggest you to hire some SEO professional who can optimize your website at extensive level because nowadays Search Engine Marketing is the most advisable way of internet marketing .

          Let me know if i can help you more.

          Thanks & Regards,
          Mark Spenser.

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              calisuraj Newbie

              Mark I agree with you that SEO needs to be done at an extensive level, the problem is how do you find someone to do this with at an affordable cost.

              Thank You
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                  mikedodd Newbie
                  Hey "calisuraj" - this is too true. Seo gives the best
                  effect for driving traffic to you site.

                  Be careful. Many seo sites charge absorbant prices
                  and only deliver articles and a blog entry each month.

                  Seo, when done properly, consists of the creation and
                  full submission of articles, press releases, audios and
                  videos every month.

                  David Preston (the legendary consultant) does a great
                  job of consulting and performing this.

                  His site is:

                  Other companies charge up to 3 to 4 times as much
                  for less work often resulting in placement on the 2 page
                  of Google or after.

                  When you pay for seo you don't want to be anywhere but
                  on the Top of the First Page of Google.

                  Don't settle for a listing of page 2 or page 4 of Google.
                  No one will find you there as opposed to the top of the
                  First Page.

                  Just letting you know!
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                amspcs Ranger
                I'm no SEO expert by any means. But I started our website a little over two years ago, and have
                learned and believe the following factors weight in:

                1.) Optomization. This means a lot of internal technical things in addition to the obvious
                things such as effective use of key words, organization, etc.

                2.) Content quality.

                3.) Longetivity. The longer your site is up, the search engines will give you more relevance based
                solely on that.

                4.) Links, especially to other relevant sites, are very important.

                5.) Avoid the promotors of shortcuts and 'tricks'. In the long run, they can do more harm than good.
                If some SEO expert gives you pie-in-the-sky promises that sound too good to be true, that's because they are.

                If you want to talk to an expert in this field, contact John Kelly at
                He re-designed our site and performed miracles affordably--I'm VERY happy with him.

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                  SpotZero Newbie
                  Optimizing your site is definitely important. To go along with that you can advertise through social media which you can do yourself (instead of money you'll have to invest time), but with all the different platforms it will require some research as to figure out which is best for your business to start off with at least. You can start a blog and write about everything that relates to your business to demonstrate your expertise and this will help me your search ranking as well. If writing isn't your thing then you can grab a camera and shoot video blogs instead, because I hear actions do speak louder than words. Twitter is a great place to offer information and deals, but like other social sites like Facebook and MySpace you have to be engaging, because social media is all about communication.

                  I see your business is in Lakewood, CA. We are actually running a contest for businesses in the LA area to win over $2,500 in online video and marketing. You just have to answer six questions to enter. Check it out at The contest ends tonight, so don't be late.

                  Hope this helps.

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                    oneStopAD Newbie
                    Hi Suraj,

                    in this day and age it's not very hard to get traffic to your website to increase sales, I run a company that deals in exactly what you're looking for and I can advice you on what maybe able to help you get the traffic and ranking you need. Feel free to send me an email and we'll talk more.


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                      globalmpr Wayfarer
                      For starters, I would recommend submitting your site name to the Google
                      search engines if you have not already done so. You can do this by
                      logging on to Google and searching " google search engine submissions".
                      A lot of people pay for search engine submissoins when they are absolutely free to do yourself, it just take a little more time.

                      Also, you can do social networking marketing by creating accounts on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc.... to engage with your customers or potential customers.

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                        damichi Newbie

                        Dear Suraj,

                        I am still researching the most cost efficient options to draw attention to my new website, which is what it takes (research) if you don't mind spending the time in doing so. There are quite a few free ways to do this. Interestingly enough, just being a member of Bank of America's Small Business Community will get you listed in Google's search results.

                        While I do not have any immediate suggestions to help you, I would like to add a few comments.

                        Keeping in mind that it is impossible to please everybody: The overall design is invitingly nice and easy to navigate. I did experience difficulty with the orange and green navigation menu located in the left column of your homepage. Looks great, but difficult to read. All of your pages fill up my entire screen. Personally, this makes it difficult for me to focus on any one aspect of any page. (FYI: I have an HD 1440 x 900 monitor, 19 inch, if this matters.)

                        More important comments:




                        (1) In regards to: "You know and trust and we value your trust. We want you to know how we collect, use and protect information about you, our valued customer."

                        Until this morning, I had not heard of your company, so (with all due respect), how could I already "know and trust Babydeals"? Perhaps you would like to consider changing this to earning the buyers' trust?


                        (2) The Babydeals Online Layaway link states, "click here to learn more," but the user must log-in before "learning more." Personally, I would not create an account for the sole purpose of "learning more."

                        (3) When I visited your website, there were no Cookies present. These are very helpful to you because the results let you know which pages are visited most often. From these results, you may want to consider revising the less visited pages or further enhance the most frequently visited pages. If you are not familiar with this, check with your website's server. It is possible that you already have cookies set, but only with registered users. If so, I would broaden this to include all visitors.

                        (4) The wording in your Privacy Policy leaves me feeling concerned about your company's use of my credit card information. When I make an online purchase, I do not expect this information to be shared with any other person or company. I am unsure what is meant by what is written...

                        Quoted text What information does our website collect? Our members collect personal information (such as first and last name, credit card number, home address, e-mail address and telephone number) that you provide when you make a purchase, create or edit your registries, participate in a contest, or contact a team member representative by email.

                        For purposes of this policy, information regarding your children that you (the parent) provide to our website is treated in the same manner as information collected about you.


                        (3) How does our site use and share personal information? (a) Using Your Personal Information: Your personal information is used by our site team members to enhance your guest relationship with them, responding to your purchases, requests, communicating with you about products, services, and special offerings.

                        (b) With our Service Providers: site team members may share your personal information with service providers who provide services for and administer activities on behalf of our site (such as, but not limited to, authorization of credit card and check transactions, order fulfillment and shipping. may also share your information with service providers who ship out warehouse products, and perform order fulfillment services on behalf of website. These service providers are granted access to some of your personal information as necessary to get your products shipped to you.These service providers are contractually restricted from using your personal information in any manner other than as may be necessary to perform their services.
                        end quote


                        (5) Is any part of your website secure? This should be addressed immediately. It is possible that your shopping cart is secure, but how would I know this if I'm just reviewing your website for the first time?

                        (6) I noticed (by reviewing the html source of your homepage) that your description and keywords are almost nil. As another user on this discussion board suggested, these are helpful with search engines. When I used Google for, the results picked up the first few lines of your homepage--which is not a good thing.

                        (7) Finally, if you have not created an Site Map, ask your web designer to create one and get it uploaded. Many search engines can walk you through this process.

                        Good luck! As I mentioned, I am still in the process of working on quite a few aspects of my own website.

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                          Drachsi Scout
                          You should have registered with this Forum as Babydeals, see if you can get it changed. The reason, Google indexs Forum posts, so you can search for Babydeals and see your contributions. Creating free virtual Flyers and having your own Blog are very important.

                          Helping people use the Internet
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                            DaljeetSidhu Wayfarer
                            Suraj, Congratulations on starting this new web site. There are a couple of great how to guides that I have written in the past few days. Hope they are useful for you. First one is on Internet Marketing.
                            The second is on search marketing.
                            Good luck
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                              spacemonkey Adventurer
                              These are the steps that I am following for my website I have just released the website today and will see how my steps work out.
                              1. Appropriate title, keyword, descreption, meta tags etc (+seo basics)+
                              2. Everyone including me will tell you that content is king so I guess stick to good content on the website
                              3. Get listed in the top search engines yahoo, google, bing etc. (+they have their webmaster tools to help you) - don't worry about the other websites as many of them use results from the top search engines+
                              4. Directory listing is very usefull. Many of them out there so try using the ones that are free. (+thats what I did)+
                              5. Social Networking through facebook, myspace, orkut, linkedin (+create a page for your business as well)+
                              6. Post in blogs and forums. eg here.
                              7. Article submission
                              Work on those for now and let me know how things go. I will let you know how things turn out on my end as well.
                              You can also submit your website to on my site that will get you another backlink.
                              If you really realllly want to boost your website - advertise with google, yahoo, and you can also try valuesnatcher.
                              Value Snatcher will be giving out free cupons ($5) for advertising on the site some time next week. Keep your eyes open and pople will find you.
                              From Clint Oliveira
                              Value Snatcher
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                                SEMaster Newbie
                                Well you have definiatley started on the right track with the domain. The keywords on the domain should rank VERY WELL if you do your search engine optimization correctly.

                                You will need to make sure your on-site optimization is on-point. Meaning, Meta-tags are all search engine friendly and making sure you have the right keywords there, make sure for every URL they are all different.

                                After that (that was a summary, theres more that goes into it) you will need to do some solid link building and if I were you, id try to capitalize on the domain name and get links with the anchor text, 'baby deals', which sould do wel for you, again, since the domain name is those two exact keywords.

                                Good luck with it and sounds like it could be a successful project if done right.


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                                  vistasad Adventurer
                                  Congratulations on launching your website.
                                  Please do not forget to use offline methods to promote your site.
                                  We are a web design and IM company so believe me. Many website owners only promote their site through online means and lose out on additional traffic they could have gained.
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                                    ericdawe Newbie
                                    Hey Suraj,


                                    company offers first page Google rankings for any amount of keywords relating to
                                    your industry, search engine marketing, and social media marketing. The
                                    combination of these three areas of internet marketing have proven success with
                                    ALL of my other clients, and we have a 100% retention rate. My website is
                                    currently being reconstructed, but I’d be happy to either talk with you or email
                                    you some case studies and explain exactly what we do and how we achieve


                                    Eric B Dawe
                                    Hinge Internet Marketing
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                                      koz4change Adventurer
                                      1) Post on blogs and social networking sites to get your site name out there. Also, write articles and submit them to article submission sites. Make sure your content is worthwhile so that people want to read it.

                                      2) offers something called Traffic Blazer. It will help produce more traffic to your website.

                                      Hope this helps! Good luck!
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                                        calisuraj Newbie

                                        Thank You for the tips, I will look into this
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                                          fatg4real Wayfarer

                                          Internet Business is dead without website traffic. It is true that
                                          traffic plays an important role in internet business. A good business
                                          planS, with hot product and with good looking website is not going to
                                          make any profit online if there is no steady flow of traffic to the
                                          Internet history has proved that. Follow my tips and you will testify to my work.


                                          Make use of the tips bellow for successful Web traffic.

                                          LINK EXCHANGE:
                                          links with other websites will benefit not only you but also your peer
                                          site holder. Although it is quite a time consuming method, it is proven
                                          to be very effective. Many web owners agrees to exchange links with
                                          other sites so that they can generate more traffic by generating more

                                          MAKE USE OF PROPER KEYWORDS AND ALSO PROPER KEY PHRASES:
                                          all the internet surfers who are looking for something online rely
                                          mostly on the search engines. People type what they wants in the search
                                          engines, The search engine then comes with results of the keywords that
                                          are displayed on the screen.

                                          For more tips Visit.
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                                            PremiereMedia Wayfarer
                                            1. Go on every blog and add your comments of course throwing your knowledge of your product as it relates to the current posting.
                                            2. Do it night and day for a month
                                            3. do it again and again
                                            4. produce some simple but good quality videoas and audios about your service
                                            5. place them on Youtube, Viddler, vimeo and more
                                            6. Have fun answering all the emais and phone calls