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    Start-Up Costs

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      A team of my fellow college students and I are developing a computer game. We know we will not have it finished for 2-3 years. We wish to register our company as an LLC in California. What type of costs are we looking at to have it registered, but not bring in any revenue for 2-3 years?

      We want to have it registered because we are going to be contracting artist to the company(we know these costs) and want to be able to show larger companies who we are so they take us as professionals. This way we can start aiming towards investors as our development grows to working models.

      I'm just wondering what type of costs I will have to register the company and have it making no revenue for 2-3 years? It doesn't have to be an exact number, but what types of things will I still be paying for through those 2-3 years?

      Thank You
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          You could hire a lawyer, but I recommend that you check out either or They both offer services for registering an LLC in your state with a calculator for costs depending on your needs. I believe that it will cost you roughly $500 - $700 to register with BizFilings. It will cost more if you need to file for other licenses, etc.


          It is a relatively simply process. You will see a tab at the top of their home page "Incorporate / Form LLC".


          Hope this helps.


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