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    web design

    1me97you Newbie
      i am looking for help to design my company's website. i checked out one design company who is a regular contributor and a member of AIGA.this company is based in north carolina and has "perry" as part of its company name. if anyone knows of this company please let me know. thank you.
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          newcents Newbie

          We do web design and other web services and we're a part of the small business online community.

          Our site is under construction at the moment, but it's

          You can see a sample of our most recent web designs here:

          Thank you,
          Christopher Vincent

          1103 Sovereign Row, Suite A
          Oklahoma City, OK 73108
          office: (405) 445-7491
          cell: (214) 850-4239
          fax: (405) 810-1515
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            g2techgroup Wayfarer

            To answer your question, go to the "members" page tab and search under "perry".


            We'd love to help you design your website. There are many ways to develop a website these days but when you want high quality and professional web-business knowledge you can turn to us. With G2 Technology Group you can expect strong core competences in software development, programming, engineering and elegant user interface design to compliment solid and proven business experience. Please let us know how we can help.


            Best Regards,


            Jeff Kingsbury


            888-699-8696 x703
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              mackorock Wayfarer
              If you are looking for a cost effective solution, please contact me with some details about your website.
              my email address is