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    Can you get financing for a Business w/out a current income?

    Stylista Newbie
      I am looking at either starting up a new business or purchasing a pre-existing store (women's clothing). I recently got laid off and don't know if I will qualify for a loan without an income? My credit is at, near or around 700. Any advice??
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          phanio Pioneer
          Most lenders will want to see some form of income to support the loan (make monthly payments). However, if you are buying an existing business, the past income from the business could demonstrate the business's ability to service the loan.

          Also, if it is an existing business - maybe the current owner will finance if (hold the note) as you take over and generate income.

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            YesYouCan Scout

            For an existing business, phanio's advice about seeing if the current owner will carry the note might work. Anyone trying to sell an existing business in this economy is at a dis-advantage (it's a buyers market for businesses, just like houses) and many sellelrs are willing to make a lot of concessions. Also, using the sales history of the business (assuming it has been profitable) might carry some weight in traditional borrowing, but as pointed out, most lenders will still want a large down (probably at least 30%) plus your good credit score.

            For a new business, I don't think there is any way you are going to get traditional financing in your situation, but here's an idea; work up a good business plan that shows you can make a profit at this new business and then approach friends or family. Or, with plan in hand, seek a partner who has money.

            If you need help preparing a business plan, SCORE is a good resource. - free confidential Small Business Counseling.

            A final thought about financing - while I don't recommend it, if you are absolutly sure this business is going to be profitable, you might turn to any equity you have in your home, life insurance, etc. as most of these types of loans carry less interest than you are going to pay for a traditional small business loan.

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