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    Need help getting a product line to market!

    oldhlywd Wayfarer

      It's Sunday afternoon and I'm sitting here listening to David Nail's "Red Light". And for no apparent reason, I'm feeling like it's me who was just dumped on. The song is about a girlfriend who apparently dumped David while sitting in a car at a red light. what does this have to do with the price of eggs and why the sob story? Well, I'm at wits end. I've signed up to forums, visited blogs, researched my butt off, interviewed with SCORE, talked and presented to family, friends, educators, and the list goes on. That interview with SCORE was actually a good thing. I got a 2 minute segment on a major television news channel (which I'm guessing I can't mention because my last thread was never posted) where my project was featured, and I got some pretty sound advice. I didn't go to that interview empty handed either. With bill of materials, prototypes, marketing plan, and passion in hand - I wowed the counselors. I even wowed the reporter, who gave his compliments and said he would be able to put me on his Sunday show once I was in production status. Free advertising...nice!


      Anyway, despite the interview, despite the overwhelming positive feedback from everyone up to this point - and I mean +everyone+!...I've yet to find someone with the vision, tenacity, or cojones this project deserves.



      What project? Oooh the branding of four animated characters, a children's board game (play-tested by various age groups, and day-care centers), and an educational product line 5 years in development. The broader vision is to market the four characters, so as to place them on everything from t-shirts to bed-sheets to interactive software. It can be done. The characters are unique and that adorable. But, my pockets just aren't deep enough right now -- and my credit is shot, but that's a whole other story.



      So, here it is. I'm looking for an honest enthusiastic partner/investor. Somebody willing to do more than just point me to another shark infested website. Somebody with an interest in educating children. Somebody willing to sign a non-disclosure and sit down with me. Now, I understand that the economy is such that investing money in anything but a sure and high yielding thing right now would be ludicrous, but as we've all witnessed...nothing in this world is for certain. I can offer an honest and open dialog, a proven product line that will put whomever on the map, and a considerable stake in the company, which I have yet to form. All this can be discussed at length at the proper time and place.



      In closing, I want to say that I've spent a considerable amount of time on this project. Working like a hermit or mad professor actually. I'm heavily involved right now helping an old Navy veteran friend of mine establish his construction business, and putting together an inventory of merchandise to sell on ebay, but my passion is to see this project through.



      So, if anyone on this forum is remotely interested or may know of someone who may be, please reply. And for all the unscrupulous...please don't waste your or my time responding with rediculous offers! I've been around the corner.

      God Bless