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    I hope this is the right Forum?

    Drachsi Scout
      I have just joined, and posted some replies to existing threads. My replies had a link to the information requested, After clicking they just disappeared and I cannot find them.
      Is this me or the Forum? I suppose the basic question is, are links permitted and how to use them.


        • Re: I hope this is the right Forum?
          HomeCoast Wayfarer
          Please let me know if you ever received any answer from anyone on this. As the same thing is happening to me. I have posted several different ways and nothing is being let through. I am wondering if I am stepping into someone elses realm and being blocked for a business reason. I thought I was posting the wrong stuff so I read through the rules again. I even mimic one that was allowed before. I am now feeling that this small business community is not for my small business as I am an IC.