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    Challenges of Working at Home

    alishanayak Newbie
      Starting any kind of business is tough. It takes a lot of time, dedication and resources to make it work. But starting work at home has its own special rough spots. I interviewed a number of home-based entrepreneurs and here are some of the things that they consider the most difficult part of working at home:

      1) You work around the clock, 7 days a week.

      2) Not being taken seriously.

      3) Free time is hard to come by.

      4) Separating the work at home, and the work for home.

      5) Doing everything.

      6) Balancing full-time work with part-time business.

      7) The business can run you!

      8) Noise, distractions and interruptions.

      9) Dressing up and gaining weight!

      10) Isolation from other human beings.

      11) It is not easy money! For more info, Visit Indyalive.
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          I agree with your list. I actually wrote a post two days ago that included 12 things to consider before starting a home based business. Here's the link:



          Whether due to a lay off or simply trying to find a financial solution to becoming their own boss, many people are sold on the idea that they can buy a packaged solution from a guru for a four hour a day work week while living at the beach. The reality is that any business takes work and has ongoing challenges. Without accepting this reality many are doomed to be in a worse financial position than when they started.


          Thanks for starting a timely and appropriate discussion thread.



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            SeniorLiving Wayfarer
            I provide assisted living to senior citizens some of whom have worked from home. We have noticed that they are generally more tense during the day and the actitivities often do not satisfy them. I think prolonged work of this nature has a long term effect. Of course this is just a cursory comment not any sort of study.
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              amspcs Ranger
              I appreciate and agree with your post. I have succesfully maintained a home office for years, and in fact n prefer it to regular office space, particularly during the days when I was driving back-and-forth with gas over $4 a gallon.

              For me, the tricks to successful home officing are as follows:

              1.) Make it a REAL office, not an extention of your home. That means your own phone lines, fax lines,
              computer lines, answering and reception technology etc.

              2.) Make if comfy and inviting. Good lighting. Comfortable chair and work space. Neat and clean.

              3.) Make it your office. NOT your office/game room, or office/sewing room, office/playroom (TV or screaching kids in the background) get the idea.

              4.) Going to work means just that: Going to work. Makes no diff if going to work in outside office or home office. Office hours are 9-5 or whatever--be there at 9 and leave at 5. If closed Sat and Sunday or after hours, have message system or whatever that communicates just that...don't answer the phone at 6:30 dinnertime.

              5.) Going to work also means DRESSING for going to work. It's hard to think and sound professional on the phone when you're in your underwear. Look professional, think professional, sound professional.

              BTW I'm not so sure about the 'not taken seriously' issue. In the first place, with todays tecnology one can do business anywhere...home, office, park bench...and I think most people realize and understand that.
              Secondly, you don't have to advertise that you are working from home. Nobody knows where you are on the phone or email, and there are lots of virtual addresses and offices available for mail and location purposes. No reason for this to be an obstacle in my view. In short, nowadays home based offices are perfectly legitimate and acceptable.