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    Need Start-Up, Frustrated!

    TheSweetLife1 Wayfarer

      I am trying to get start-up for my business. I formed a LLC about 18 months ago and I have a business plan. I did this cause I was told that you need to establish business credit to get funding. My personal credit isn't great so that is why I am going this route. My Paydex score is 80 and I am showing 6 vendors reporting, but they do not show the full credit line that I have for them. I have been working with a business that can finance this if I can reach 15K in vendor lines. My issue is, the vendors will not report the full credit line. I have 2 vendors that I have Line of Credits of $10,000 and $6,000 and a few others that are $1,000. So if they would report I would be there. But my question is, is this a legit way of getting funding or are they pulling my chain, and what should I do from this point to make it work? Should it takethis long?

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          GhostRider103 Wayfarer
          It can be kind of a lengthy process, depending on who is helping you. But it shouldn't take THAT long.

          One thing you are going to need when you start your business up is of course a website. So you might want to start looking for a web design company like to help you get started in the online business as well.'

          Good luck with your business!
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