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    Do You Thank Your Customers ?

    seadogs11 Newbie
      Everyone knows that customers are the key to success in business, forget about leads, they are generally people just passing through, but once someone buys from you they are customer and of course you want them to become a regular customer providing repeat business.

      I have about 200 customers in one of my businesses and discovered that by nurturing them they will spend more. I use a very simple process I send them thank you cards when they order from my site. now I am not talking about email cards. I use real cards with handwritten messages. I also set them cards at Christmas and other special occasions such as birthdays.

      The customers feel appreciated and they are more likly to purchase from me again.

      Yes I use an online system which has thousands of cards all of which can be customises, each card cost just a few cents so that with postage its just over $1 per card.

      Now my question to you is are your customers worth a few minutes of your time and $1
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