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    Selling a Startup that never started?

    Just4Dentists Newbie

      Would anyone have any advice as to how to sell a business startup that never started? My business partners and I have been developing a E-Commerce Dental Supply business but due to current economic conditions the partnership has dissolved. Being the web developer, I do not have any contacts in the Dental Supply arena or associations. What woud be the best way to develope contacts/partners in the dental supply industry or sell the business.


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          You have a couple of actions that you can take, but they are dependent upon what assets you have to sell.


          If all that you have to sell is a URL, you can go to companies like to sell your URL. This would be the cheapest solution, but will only allow you to sell your URL.


          If you have other assets, like a working program and computer equipment, you can talk with a local business broker to see if they want to take you on as a listing. They will most likely want 10% - 12% of the sale price in commissions.


          Otherwise, you could sell your program to other supply companies, but it appears that many of them already have an e-commerce solution. What is different about your product that they don't already have? Plus, this will take time making contacts and marketing your asset to them.


          Is there something different about your ecommerce solution that the other supply companies don't already have?


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            phanio Pioneer
            Doug (TheSoloGuide) offers some good advice on selling your domain and possibly your assets. You can also post your deal in forums. There are many forums that focus on the technology side of web development and I see many people selling their domains, software and companies. The more places you can get your deal seen, the better chance you have in attracting a buyer.

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              vnavguys Tracker
              Well this is a unique situation, but this is what I would do. In my opinion you have two options.

              Option 1 Continue to develop the site, launch it online and operate it long enough to get some money out of it. If you do this, you will need to THOROUGHLY understand how to value and online business for sale. I emphasize that because most people have no idea how to do that and what is involved. It is a bit complicated but can be learned if you know what to look for. This will give you some cash for the work you have invested. If you want to learn the business valuation concept go to and take their online course. It teaches you that and for $25 it is well worth the money.

              Option 2
              If you dont want to mess with it anymore, then I would put it up for sale on Sitepoint Marketplace. Sitepoint is a stellar website and in the marketplace tab, you will find all sorts of sites for sale. You can register for free and list your site for sale along with all the details. I find stuff there all the time and use it a lot.