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    H1B visa holder starting up a company or LLC

    gswamin Newbie
      I am in US on H1B visa working for a US based employer. My Wife is also on H1B. Me and my wife want to startup a company in US.
      Also once started, can we transfer our H1B's to that company ? What are the legal requirements and implications in doing that.
      Is it possible to get a H1B visa that allows me to work for any employer or say multiple employers?. We want to expand the company finally to India and setup branches there.
      Because we are not GC holders nor Citizens, are there any restrictions. From some of the posts here i found that, i do require a GC person to be employed in that company. I think i might be able to pull in one of my collegues in for that.

      Appreciate any kind of guidance on this.

      Thank you,