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    Critique my site (design)

    iRemedy Newbie
      Hey all! This is my first post here, and I would first like to say hello! My name is Domenic, Owner, of iRemedy Technology Services. My main specialization is IT management for Medium sized businesses, most of my clients are good sized, single-location businesses, Most of my regular contract customers are factories in the area.

      However, I cover a much more broad spectrum of work, I also do home repair, small business on-demand services.

      I feel like my front page, looks nice, but is too cluttered, I do all the design myself and would like your feedback!

      Be brutal!

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          imatchit Newbie
          I like the pieces of the front page, just not the way they are all together. What I mean is that some of the text and graphics are very "Web 2.0", bright colors, big bubbly font, but others are old school Times New Roman. Don't mesh.

          Also, not sure where to look. If a customer comes to your site, what is the one thing they absolutely have to see? Maybe move the links/tabs off the very top and move "iRemedy" logo up. I would suggest trying some horizontal layout of the Repair, Maintain and Network. Otherwise, some of the main parts of your business are "below the fold" and need a mouse move to see.

          I thought that the more organized pages off of Repair for example were much easier to read and follow. I would be careful with using arrows as bullets though as that is starting to used more often as a click through or more icon type. I think you are on the right track, but suggest you experiment with some different layouts and better use of your whitespace.

          Thanks for the opportunity to review your site. Good luck!
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            lovemykids Wayfarer

            After checking out your website this is what I have come up with:

            Home Page: I have no clue what location to look in first. I checked your website out early on in the day and Live Support was offline? If you are going to offer that...Live support should be online during the hours you have mentioned. It was not. The home page is way too large. I had to scroll up to even view your menu bar. I would move that off to the left. Content is KING so I was add more content to respond to questions of why I am even looking at that website. Your "logo" that says "senior and student discounts" (lower right hand side of screen) is all "mashed together" and is very hard to read. Links from home page:

            Repair: I like this page. However....That box you have to the left called "We're Here", all those things should be linked for a better definition. Again...Content is king. As for the other links on the home page "in that section" all link to the same page. Something like that really starts to make me wonder.

            Services Page: Again links to the same exact page as your center box from the home page. Why?

            Contact Page: Toss the "Face Book" clients DO NOT want to see a photo that looks like it was taken in a bar. Your contact page should list phone numbers in plain view, after all if I click on it..I want to see a phone number so I can call. I could care less about FaceBook pary shots.

            All in all...You have some work to do. As of right now, I would have CLICKED off your website as the professional apperance is just not cutting it in my book. I still have no idea what type of service you are offering me. needs alot of work.

            Sorry but you asked for the "Brutal Truth"

            I do like the colors :)
            Best of luck
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              SEOfriendly Newbie
              Change the size of your logo. First what people are seeing is this huge image that overhelms everything. For content area - get rid of those "repair", "maintain", "network" icons
              that also overhelm the content, and put text instead. It will not only help the page to look more serious, but also will help the search engines to find you easier.
              Speaking of search engines - you cannot have the same title tag on all pages, and it also cannot be so not describing anything. I also didn't see H tags in your code, which is also important to be found.

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                AustinLivin Wayfarer

                I would start by simplifying your logo / header space. It's got too much information and imagery for somebody to get a quick idea of what you do or an image to imprint in their mind. The We Do Business is like a 2nd tagline and really distracts from a simple and elegant delivery of your marketing message.

                There home page overall is cluttered and it's hard to make sense of it. I had to try really hard to find out what you really offer. The two primary offerings I saw were also very distracting and need to be simplified greatly.

                You don't really have a compelling marketing message on the whole home page. Why should somebody use your services? That's the answer you should provide and which should be obvious to a visitor within 5 seconds of arriving on the site. As of now, you are probably losing the vast majority of visitors within about 10 seconds. Consumers have a very low tolerance for disorganized websites.

                You might want to consider a make over. If you want to do the website yourself, bring in a consultant who can coach you about some of the issues I described above, as well as points made by other users.

                Hope this helped!

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                  spacemonkey Adventurer
                  Here is what I think:
                  • Please use segment your page by % so that it will fit every screen resolution. There should not be white spaces to the left and right side of my screen.
                  • Reduce the size of your logo (No one likes to scroll down to view your page)
                  • The colors on the page are good (please get rid the red colored remote support as red is a clashing color) use this site for help
                  Impliment those and ask for another review. I believe that your site will look great with a little work. Then we can move on and get started marketing your website for free. Thats where I can be of more help. :-)

                  From Clint Oliveira
                  Value Snatcher