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    Plaxo, Ryze, Naymz and BizNik - LinkedIn Younger Brothers

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      LinkedIn has become one of the most popular professional social networking sites on the Internet. However, LinkedIn's "younger brothers" sites have been overlooked when it comes to quality business networking. The following sites are free and user-friendly. Reap the benefits from these sites and watch your business grow!

      · Brand/promote your company to millions of people across the world

      · Use it as a recruiting/human resources tool for your company - find new employees or clients

      Plaxo (http/ makes it easy to connect with both new and established business contacts. Plaxo is similar to other social networking sites but offers unique features such as:

      · Pulse - Main dashboard page allows you to see and interact with your contacts. You can post status updates, messages, etc. This is the hub of Plaxo. Suggested friends and your contacts' birthdays are also shown on your Pulse page.

      · Share photos, videos, links and reviews with your contacts. You can maintain your own privacy and control what others can and can't see on your page.

      · In the Profile section, you can add and share websites that you frequently use (such as Flickr, Digg, YouTube, Twitter, etc.)

      · Set up your profile and you decide what to share with others. This is a great marketing tool because you can also add your company name and bio information.

      · In the More section, you can sync your address books to your Plaxo account and add your business contacts (you have the option of connecting them as either friend or business contact)

      · Add Calendars from Yahoo, Google Mail and Outlook to Plaxo - helps keep you on track during your busy work week! It's also compatible with Mac.

      · Set up Pulse and the address book on your mobile phone - network while on the go!

      Ryze ( a great way to build business contacts and increase company sales.

      · Business networking home page

      · Re-connect with business contacts/colleagues you already know

      · Interact and send personal messages other Ryze members

      · Join specialized Networks according to your niche/industry, location and/or interests.

      · When you sign up, Ryze sends you links of other business contacts in your geographical area (country, state, etc) to check out.

      · Over 500,000 members in 200 countries

      · Publicize company events, products and services on Networks

      Naymz ( boasts over million members to help expand your professional networks. If you want to expand your business or career, this dynamic professional social networking platform does it all!

      · Exchange ideas, status updates, etc. in "real time"

      · Reputation Assessment/RepScore - Asks members to fill out assessment of contacts and score each other - encourages trust and relationship building amongst members (add ONLY quality contacts)

      · Network Activity - Sends updates any time your contacts make changes to their profiles, etc.

      · Reputation Monitor - Keeps tabs on your reputation. Sends you updates when your name/company name is cited on blogs, websites, social networks, etc.

      · Visitor Reporting - Alerts you when someone visits your profile and allows you to see who's interested in you/your company.

      BizNik ( appeals to entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to help each other succeed. Biznik puts business contacts face-to-face with other in the virtual sense.
      Biznik's features include:

      · Members use their real names and company information - allows for a stronger, reputable online presence

      · Join appropriate niche/industry-related groups - allows you to interact and send direct messages to group members

      · Write professional articles and share with other members in your industry - position yourself as an expert in your field

      · Connect with business contacts specifically in your city (based on geographical locations/regions)

      · Add company events to the "Events" Section (cross-promote special events, etc.)

      · Biz Talk forums allow you to introduce yourself to other members, ask questions and share your professional experiences.

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