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    A new company that won't make money.....L.L.C. Help???

    mattwebb Newbie
      I wanted to start my own not for proffit company sometime in the next year. I looked on legal zoom and realized i need board members, president, vp, treasurer, etc. I was told for what I want to do forming a L.L.C. is my best option. I had some questions on this.
      I am starting a company more or less to protect the name from being used by anyone else. I will be the sole member of the L.L.C. I want to start a company who's primary focus is to assist artists in obtaining show spaces, web hosting for artists, put together portfolios, and other general artist needs. I would not have a fee for my services as I am more interested in helping artists and not making cash (I have a day job). I will most deffinetly put more money into this company then i will be able to make. I am okay with that. I was wondering how an L.L.C. that makes no money and puts all it's own money into it would be taxed?
      Say i spend $3000 on services to assist artists and I make $2000 at years end (as an example). Would i still end up owing the Gov. money or do i get a break because i'm putting all my own money into it? any hlep would be great.