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    Starting Up a New Medical Spa

    S.Smith Newbie


      My wife and I have been talking for some time about opening a medical spa. We have 2 doctors that will back and 1 a Plastic Surgeon that will be active in the business. I have been advised to get with SCORE and will do. Having said that I am trying to be proactive and put together some of what will be the core costs of the startup. My question is in regards to negotiating a retail lease agreement for the business. Is it best to work with a Real Estate Broker or educate your self and go it alone to avoid the costs associated to this arrangement?

      Thank You,
      S Smith
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          thesolution Newbie

          hello and congrats on your quest to your Med Spa. I am a salon owner but full time consultant for salon image nationwide. First off, remember that you are in control!! Use a agent cause that comes out of landlords pocket not yours. Now control. When you find a spot that you like, find out all details asking and CAM fees. Lets say you have 2500sqft for $2500 per mo asking price plus $500/mo CAM. So $3000. Reply with $2100 total month plus you what $20 persqft buildout. Now you have two diff opps of neg on your price. Always keep in mind that they need you, you dont need that exact spot.


          Design now you can have extra money cause you asked for build out and lower lease. I can always get you good rate and advanced equimpment and theme to make you spand out in your area. DO NOT LET THEM TAKE A %. Just because you made a smart decision doesnt mean they get rewards!
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              S.Smith Newbie

              Hello and thank you,

              Few questions:
              If I may ask when you say CAM you are referring to NNN as part of a lease to cover maintenance, insurance, etc correct?
              You mentioned the discount you would ask for but is there a typical % you should use when starting the negotiations on the lease as well as the buildout?
              Would there be a max you would ask for buildout over $20 a sq ft?
              Lastly how to find the best agent for a lease support?

              Thanks in advance..

              S. Smith
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                  thesolution Newbie
                  cam is the utilities and whatever ad ons then always chaeck the tax % as well. If you have any questions call my cell at 816 721 4119 my name is erik. Also i have a new product that will make your med spa like no other and have lines out the door. I have alot of connections with all products but this is my baby and will be the future of the industry. Talk too you soon.
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                Mrs.Cooh Newbie
                Hi, I would like to know where are you want to open your spa? I have a place out in the country and yet close to town, and want to open a medical health spa, in this ranch that also I have a building with more than 10 bedrooms and conference facilties on more than 20 acres n intrested in partnership for this type of busisnes,