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    Let Me Save You Money.  No Results = No Fees!


      It's all about the Bottom Line, right? If you are like countless other business owners, you are potentially flushing thousands of dollars down the toilet every single year by overpaying for expenses or paying for goods and services that your business no longer needs. You'd like to tackle it, but who has the time to sift through your financials, then go out and get bids and negotiate? Answer: WE DO!

      Bottom Line Small Business Consulting specializes in working with businesses just like yours to examine your current expenses, and finds ways to cut them. Our fee is 100% contingent on our ability to save you money. This means that if we cannot demonstrate actual costs savings, there is NO FEE.

      How Does It Work?


      We will analyze areas where you feel that your business may not be getting optimum value, and suggest other areas of expense they may wish to consider. If savings can be found through the current supplier, or with a new supplier, we will come back to the client in a short time with specific recommendations for saving money - without sacrificing quality or service. We may negotiate with our client's current suppliers, or we may recommend new sources of supply. The final decision is always yours. What we offer is the chance for you to make informed decisions based on our research of the marketplace.


      _*How Do We Measure Sav


      The base cost of an expense area will be determined, and the method of measuring savings agreed upon before any mutual obligation is created. We will produce a document summarizing our findings, our recommendations, and our estimate of annual savings for the Client's approval and agreement before the implementation of new prices by incumbent or new suppliers. On a monthly or quarterly frequency, after new pricing is fully implemented, we will compute the actual savings, with our client's concurrence, we generate our invoices after the savings are fully implemented.

      NOTE: We have no affiliations with any vendors. We work 100% for our clients and have no potential conflicts of interest.