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    Establishing a LLC for medical services

    shivan150 Newbie
      I am a physician that wants to establish an LLC in Nevada for my consulting and independent contract work, but I am located in Ohio and my medical license is only for the state of Ohio . Can I form an LLC in Nevada if I am licensed to practice and will be performing my professional service in another state? I do know that a physician is not required to form a professional LLC in the state of Nevada. Thanks for any information.
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          bm911tax Adventurer

          I hope you have a tax advisor/accountant!! Getting back to your question. Yes you can form LLC in different state but you will also need to register your LLC in the state where your medical practice will operating. I don't recommend doing this though as in many case it will likely create legal & tax issues. You do need to incorporate. Why are you looking to form an LLC in Nevada? Many states do not allow LLC formation for doctors. As MD you need to properly structure your business formation from the beginning. I have quite large # of medical/dental practices under my belt and I can tell you that not many accountants know how to run it properly (most of them just do your taxes but not many do tax planning to reduce those taxes). The point I am trying to make here is if you do this write from the start, you will save on fees, advise, and taxes.


          Best of luck,


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            shivan150 Newbie
            Thanks for the advise. I am acitvely looking for a tax advisor and CFA. Its not an easy process. I'm looking for someone who understand solo 401k's and how to establish IRA LLC's as I'm interested in using these to invest in real estate.
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              Accountants4U Wayfarer
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