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    I am looking for advice and possibly a situation

    meefirst Newbie
      I have a company and like many others I underestimated my start up capital. I have a personal acquaintance that was providing me with help on funding that unexpectedly had to withdraw from my project. I have been up and running since mid may and it started taking off the end of July I have no competition. My business is unique in this market . I am a single mom and I have a poor credit score that cannot be repaired in a timely fashion. I have turned to SCORE and have spoke with interested investors that want me to complete my biz plan ASAP. I am in the process. Meanwhile I am trying to acquire work to keep myself above water and trying not to destroy everything I've accomplished. I'm seeking help. My business is a sound cut an dry. There are endless possibilities after my overhead is accomplished. I am seeking advice and or an experienced individual that may be able to help. I would not go these lengths if I wasnt so confident in my product. I am running out of time and looking for options.....