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    How do I get started to begin again and follow my goal.

    redredblondie Newbie
      Hello, I am trying to find out how Bank of America help me in repair my credit, so I can obtain a business loan. Who can I talk to to get my finances on track; I need to do this fast. Also, do BOA offer school loans?


      Thank you
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          How do I get started. Welcome

          Go to Members page and share some info.

          the best way to get started is to develop a business plan
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            I think Luckiest is right - having a good solid plan is a great place to start. I would augment that with this. See if you can engineer a way to plan around debt rather than assuming you must go into debt to get anything done. It is far harder to do, but the rewards are great. Think of it this way. You got into debt which gave you bad credit, so now you are trying to get the credit rating fixed so you can go do the same thing again. When put that way, do you see the issue? With that sound warning ... understand there CAN BE a big difference in establishing credit for your company vs. using your own personal credit. It may be far easier to establish business credit than to repair your personal credit.

            If your business is a home based business, you can even get the IRS to help - especially if you have a normal j-o-b as you build your business. You can learn more about home based business tax advantages here:

            For a webinar specifically on building business credit
            1. go here: \\
            2. Follow the menu links to Resource Center
            3. Then Professionals We Recommend
            4. The very fist link on that page is a webinar on building business credit
            I personally attended the actual live event - it was very good and very thorough
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