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    LLC in a different state?

    schone Newbie

      As I mentioned in another post I'm in the process of doing my homework in order to set up my LLC correctly.

      Both me and my partner generally file our state taxes in California and own personal property there. We would like to set up the LLC in Wyoming to avoid the hefty taxes California charges from LLC and Corporations. Our business is going to be fully online, with no employees to start with except for us.

      The question is, whether putting our home address in California as the prinicipal office on the Articles of Organization is enough to make us considered "conducting business" in California, if not, is opening a small business checking account in CA enough to qualify as conducting business requiring us to file as a foreign LLC in California? If we file our personal taxes come tax season and claim SE from our business profits, will they then decide that we have conducted business in California?

      One more question is. If a business has no physical office, all is done online each person works from their home and we employe to our business a gentleman from Missouri, a lady from Ohio, a gentleman from South Dakota and so on - when all of those work from home - Does that mean we need to become a foreign LLC in each of those states? Or which state are we considered doing business in?

      Thanks very much!