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    Bookkeeper looking for new Clients

    Accountants4U Wayfarer
      We are seeking new clients to do their books, payroll, debt collection. We have excellent reference and we are there for you 24/7. We are very affortable. Don't try to do your books by yourself. With laws the way there are today and keeping all documents stored for years, as well as doing it right the first time let us do it for you. Please read about how this works and what we can do. WE ARE VERY AFFORTABLE
      so please give me a call. Larry at My Accounting Matters 518-694-2298 or email me at and find out how this works and we have excellent reference for all over NY, VT,CT, MA, OH and more. Hope to hear from you
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          Help4Leads Newbie
          Larry - saw your post and we've helped many bookkeepers find new clients through direct mail. If you're considering mailing to prospective customers, please give us a shot. We can offer you free expert guidance and a free quote. If you're interested, please check us out at or call 800-395-7707. Thanks
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            Tianna Wayfarer
            Do you have a website?
            In the age of the World Wide Web each second person uses the Internet to find customers, necessary services and perform mostly all financial operations.
            If you create a professional website, it will greatly increase the number of clients.
            By the way, I may recommend you one of the fastest ways to create a website - order a turnkey website.
            For example, Site2you provides professional ready full functional websites, even with ready texts. You just need to choose the design.

            Good luck!