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    Technical advise and guidance for faster progress

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      The use of information as an input for the development of low-cost housing units is a subject of vital importance. The government authorities and other organizations who have vast experience and expertise in organizing information on low cost housing, low cost building construction materials and cost effective construction methodologies would be glad to provide technical advice and guidance as well as consultancy in developing information systems and networks.

      When developing Properties Kerala state and its rich diversity in climatic conditions, topography and soil variations must be taken into account to ensure sustainable development. Perhaps you can see never see such a variation in any other state. Right from the lowlands adjacent to the seas to the middle lands in the inner parts and the high lands situated in the Western Ghats, major changes in land pattern can be seen. Thus, the property development approach followed in one area cannot be implemented as such in another part of the state.

      Recently the government has developed a land-use map for the state in collaboration with several scientific institutions. The landed properties adjacent to the major dams and other reservoirs have been exclusively earmarked for agriculture and low-intensity crops. High-rise building structures will not be permitted in these areas. While some of the major dams in the country have been a cause of concern for many, the dams in Kerala have not reported any seismic activity in its immediate surroundings till now.

      Before developing a piece of property, it is better to collect scientific data related to the best use to which the property can be put to. Such an approach will greatly enhance the value of the property in the long run. With the increase in the value of properties, even though many people are unwilling to put it to other uses than for building purposes, actually the fertile lands can be profitably used up for other purposes.