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    Finishing Biz Plan: What Q's To Expect From Lenders

    TimeToGrow Newbie
      Hey all,

      We've been in business for nearly 5 years, but it's time to expand. It's a service business with a retail / internet retail arm.

      We're looking to purchase a piece of property with a facility built on it, and plan to do some basic mods to the building to suit our needs.

      We're seeking a loan for the property and modifications.

      We've got a solid model and a good business plan, but I'm wondering what the standard "gotcha" questions are that lenders ask so that I can be prepared and have them answered in our plan going in.

      I'm imagining they are going to be regarding customer generation, market penetration, and cashflow creation.

      Anyone have any questions thrown at them that stumped them? Any lenders care to share some good ones they ask that people seem to have trouble with?