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    One LLC as operating company serveral Bank Accounts?

    Graytbiz Wayfarer
      I have started one company as an operating company and have the plan to have several other companies run through it. I have setup two bank accounts. One for the LLC and one for the DBA. The DBA is what I do all the business through and have been paying out of that account and recieving all deposits in that account. My question is this, do I even need two seperate accounts if it is only a DBA? Should I just consolidate all the funds to the LLC account and work from there with the DBA as part of that account? I plan on taking the DBA and making an LLC out of it next year but plan on just riding the rest of this year out with the DBA account.

      I am just at such a loss as of how to setup my bank accounts to best manage multiple businesses under one main Operating LLC. If I form more LLC's with the main operating LLC as the main member then does it matter if I start wholly seperate accounts for them? I do pay employee's for the seperate businesses and am wondering which account to pay them from since the LLC is the one with the EIN.

      As you can tell I need some direction.

      Thank you in advance for trying to understand my messed up situation.