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    I am a commercial broker and can't figure out why business

    longbed11 Adventurer
      I am a commercial broker and I can't understand why businesses are not refinancing their property during this climate or even why when I advertise I have not be able to get business who have large contracts to contact me to obtain instant cash. Is anyone else having this problem.
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          Intelicapital Adventurer

          Many industries and sectors have suffered from the trickle down effect of failing fortune 10 to 500 companies as well as the overpowering depressing press in circulation. My guess is that many of your potential clientel may not be aware that they can qualify for refinancing and that others may simply be afraid to make any significant financial decisions at this time (unfortunately even if that means saving them money as odd as this sounds.) I think time will remedy this.

          Our client base has actually increased as a result of certain recent events in the news. I think the key is to be transparent with your corporate and financial structure, as well as reassuring the public that you will not fail like other convoluted uber-corporate giants have recently.

          Anyway, gotta catch a flight (gotta love PDAs.) Your thoughts?